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  1. So, as I progress further towards what will likely be my indefinite stopping point in TSL, I find myself thinking about G0-T0.
    1. Big sign that Mr. "I ams teh epitome of cold, rational, and logical" is in fact CCFP and in denial: He favors the Dark Side stabilization options on Dantooine and Onderon even though a child could spot the ways in which those would be worse for the Republic's stability. Does the game let you throw that fact in his face if you have high Influence with him, or are you denied that satisfaction even then?
    2. It's annoying that he doesn't seem to acknowledge your hooking Telos up with a replacement fuel source. Does having high Influence with him make him recognize the fact, or does he still go "WAAAH YOU BWOKE PEWAGUS AND DEWE'S NO FUEW!" (despite your having brokered a deal with Vogga to fix that) even then?
    3. Speaking of annoying... It would be INCREDIBLY cathartic if you could bash him in when he refuses to stop blaming you for Peragus. I'm aware that TSLRCM lets you blow him away during the endgame, so please nobody point that out.
    Here's the deal: Because a very significant portion of the trouble there is HIS fault for posting the smegging bounty, I find his insistence on laying all the blame for Peragus at your feet incredibly annoying (all the more so because the script refuses to let the Exile, normally quite handy with counterarguments to defend themself, make that blindingly-obvious one). Annoying enough that it would be oh-so-satisfying to skip the wait and just bash him in there and then (after throwing the trouble his stupid bounty caused in his face). I don't care that it would mean skipping part of the endgame, it'd be worth it. This isn't a mod request, btw, this is just me venting about him (and a little about TSL's tendency to railroad certain bits by mentally gagging the Exile when it comes to obvious counterarguments).

    ...I'm not too fond of G0-T0. I wish I could shot-put him through time and space to end up as GladOS' newest test subject.

    1. DarthTyren


      I personally would have given G0-T0 more time to develop on Nar Shaddaa, then have him die there as the planetary "final boss" (don't think I would have put in an actual boss battle, as he would absolutely suck). I don't know of many people who are fond of G0-T0, he is very much the black sheep of all the companions between both games.