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  1. As I await response in the TSLRCM bug reports thread, I'm planning what order to finish the planets in (Onderon is currently kicked to last because of the swoop bug combined with only getting the one chance to do stuff in Iziz - thanks so much Obsidian grumblegrumble) and being amused at the Exile's ability to make airspeeders phase through fencing:ZTS_K2clean_00008_airspeederdocks.jpg.42b2f5118aa94e58b142dd0fb0308688.jpgZTS_K2clean_00022_speederclipping_docks.jpg.74eab4ce14c98a4527e610f733650d46.jpgZTS_K2_00406_Speederclipping_landingpad.jpg.cecc88af111bbecd7111cb345580496e.jpgZTS_K2clean_00007_speederswoopdeck.jpg.959ca51852d7b5f0ea3ba46d3e126b4a.jpg

    1. ZeldaTheSwordsman


      For those wondering what I mean by swoop bug...


      Basically, as soon as a race starts the swoop gets stuck hovering in mid-jump. It affects both Telos and Nar Shaddaa (haven't tested Onderon yet, because with how Onderon is handled in this game I don't want to go through the rigamarole just to test... I suppose I could use warp codes tho), and seems to have been caused by something amongst my cocktail of mods, and not racing on Telos before first leaving it.

      More details and mod list here.