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  1. I would suggest you take an existing module and repopulate it and place a demo quest inside it to help you gauge how long it will take you to build content. This means having dlg with scripts that do checks on jrl entries , etc. 
    This will help you see how involved it can be to build a mod this size.

    This can also help you figure out how long/ large you want this mod to be.

    Keep things as simple as possible with scripting or you could place yourself in a spot where you wrote something cool for a level or quest but the scripting might not transfer as easily to this idea you have.

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  2. When deciding on the planets you plan to use... you should decide in part with the idea of which k2/k1 modules would you use. If you don't do that then you will have some cool concepts for planets but no existing modules that would fit the planets you wish to have in your game.

    Also understand a mod like this will take a long time, the more complex you make it,.. the longer it will be.

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  3. 15 minutes ago, N-DReW25 said:

    I'm sorry to hear that but I think you made the right choice. 


    By any chance can the Revenge of Revan Demo be considered a Modders Resource now in addition to the source you are releasing? I hope this doesn't sound rude but it is already released and we won't have to wait a week for it to be available for us.

    Yes, The demo can be considered a resource 

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    Hi everyone.


    I know it has been a very long time since I have been here

    I know most of you guys have guessed that this mod is dead.

    I wish I had better news but over the past year plus with dealing with my mental health issues...I have not been able to continue the work on it. I am doing better but there is still work to be done to get my life back in order. I'm sorry , I didn't make this post earlier.


    I know the interest in this project is not what it use to be but if anyone is interested in continue the project,... I can get all the files and info to you. 

    I don't expect anyone to take it up, the most I can see if someone wants to turn the story and files into a story video on youtube.

    I will wait till next weekend to see if anyone is interested in taking it over. 

    If someone does take it over, I will be happy to help answer any questions and be as helpful as I can for them. I know it will be their project then and will not challenge any changes they might wish to make to the game.


    Coming next weekend I will be releasing the major story elements of the RoR game if no one takes it over.

    Even though you will not be able to play the game, you can at least read and imagine what it could have been.


    During this week I will be releasing files as resources for other molders to use in their mods.  I ask for modders to just add in a credit line showing you got the files from this mod.


    Looking at the mod and might be able to do a post along with the files and scripts used to make modules come alive fast with npcs placement and animations.


    I am sorry I wasn't able to finish the project. 


    If you need to reach me, simply private message me.


    I hope everyone had a great holiday season and a Happy New years ! 

    I will be around the forums for the next few weeks and hope to visit more often but days of large huge mods like RoR is over.







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  5. Hi everyone



    I'm sorry I haven't been around lately.


    Been dealing with medical issues and looking for a job which all of it has placed a good deal of stress on me.



    I still plan to continue working on the project but I wouldn't expect a real true update till mid summer.


    By then the issue should be resolved and be able to work on it at a better pace. 





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  6. Hi everyone,



    First off the project is still alive.



    Things have been very slow because I'm dealing with a medical issue the past few months.


    Its nothing life threatening. 



    I'm hoping to get the medication for it in the coming few weeks.

    Got health insurance red tape to jump through first.



    I will keep you guys posted.


    Ideally once i have my medication, things will be looking good for the project and my amount of time i can work on it =)


    Thank you for your patience 





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  7. Hi! I was trying to install this mod because I've read really great things about it. There is a problem though. I did everything right but it starts me off at the prologue for KotOR 2. I have the Steam version. Is there any way to fix this?  :blush:


    The issue is probably in the module folder of your kotor2 game.


    To solve this-

    Go into the module folder in your steam kotor2 directory 


    I'm not at my desk but the first module should be EBO001 or something like that

    You should see an EBO###.mod file and an erf of the same name. 

    Simply re4name the EBO###.erf file to ex. NOEBO###.erf


    The game will then see the .mod file instead.


    Let me know if this worked or any questions.



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  8. Hi everyone!


    Below are some images of the inside of the Raptor.


    These are not the final setup,..there will be tweaks but you can see how we are trying to make the Raptor look like someone lives there.


































    MORE TO  COME......








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  9. What compelled you to create this mod?



    Good question,...


    I wanted to tell this story which was designed as the 3rd act in the kotor trilogy.


    Luckily when the MMO didn't affect my original plot but it did help refine some sub plots in the RoR story.


    As for going out and actually building it.....that was mainly thanks to Brotherhood of the shadow mod- i used it as a way to understand what can and can't be done. Then just talking to people in the modding community about different sections of modding. 


    After all this ---I knew I could build RoR but it first started out as a reskin modules and new story to something more involve thanks to fellow team members adding more to the mod in the area of skins, characters and items.


    But to return to your original question-- i want to tell this story since I feel its something that will bring closure to the kotor 1 and kotor 2 games.



  10. Hey Logan, I have a couple questions about the Trust system.


    1.) How do you make it work? I'd assume you just use new global variables, but I don't want to assume.


    2.) Does it work in direct correlation to the Influence system that's already in the game? If so, why bother? If not, how will one relate to the other?








    Yes we will be using a good deal of Global variables for the system.



    The old kotor2 influence system isn't being used in RoR.

    RoR's new system is more about having reactions based on the PC choices - so if you been killing republic soldiers and then want to use another choice related to helping a family get to their homeworld- this will not remove any of the effects you made concerning your view in the republic theme point of view by factions or companions. Basically you can't game the system.

  11. ok, 1 (the obvious question) when do you expect the full mod to be released?

    2- how much gameplay time do you expect there to be on full release?

    3- in both the demo,and the jedi masters,I only saw KotOR 2 maps,or custom maps,can't you have a KotOR 1 map imported?

    4- is this mod discontinued ,in other words: did you back your work up? cuz if you didn't,the project is pretty much discontinued. I just lost all my important stuff last week due to hardware failure myself.

    5- are lightsabers gonna be customised merely by color crystals? cuz it would be more realistic if parts did the job instead,while at the same time keeing the crystal form system,of course


    1)  I can't give a exact date - It will be done when it's done . . . as the modding community would say.


    2) The full release .....is estimated to have 16-21 hours of gameplay. Again this number could become larger....


    3) You are not allowed to port kotor1 maps into kotor2. Custom maps are tricky and time consuming - if you see any...expect them in the second half of the game. 


    4) Yup, just backed up everything on a portable disk drive before my move last Sunday. I will also backup onto a cloud this weekend.

    Always backup your data! (LOL)


    5) Yes, they are upgraded by the crystal - the reason is due to the scripting mechanics of the game. 

  12. If you choose 2 party members to join you- it would be great if there is a chance this could lead to the party members being killed or maybe turned on you by Kreia.


    Then there is a risk to taking them- reflecting on how Revan took no one /as Kreia spoke about such risks with attachments and dependence on others that can weaken you .


    Would love something like this :)