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  1. Absolutely I agree he is right, But it's the condescending BS in the 2nd post I don't like. Ffs I even agreed lol and posted my plans if anyone wanted anything.
  2. Irony is your wasting your time on something that is OVER WITH! Mesa get it, Porting isa very bad juju. If mesa post links, mesa be sent to da Bosses. Isa be in big doo-doo next time.
  3. You mean on the 6th Janauary where i'd been a member for all of about a week or something Like I knew all the site rules then didn't I? *sarcasm*. And it's not like you guys chimed in before now though is it? huh? Y'know like I asked in my very FIRST post, About not being sure about the rules here. Tbh I feel your just hassling me, I get the damn rules and I'm not breaking them. Enough said.
  4. Good news, Like I said I never had plans on releasing this stuff publicly anyway. If I decide to give anyone anything it'll be far far away lol from here on a different site or between emails. I used to make stuff for Morrowind back in the day and on most sites the rules on porting were the exactly same for that anyway.
  5. Yep, I never planned on proper public releases for any of this stuff anyway. These are just private little mods for me and a few others. Thanks for the comment though
  6. I'll bash him an Email make sure everything's sweet, Thanks for info
  7. Just a little update on what I've been working on lately. Jedi Revan Revan Lightsabers The first Lightsaber is a rip from SWTOR, The second is from a mod for Jedi Academy, So I need to ask the dude if I can use it before I release it. Oh and I also replaced the mask with the newer one for the flashback on Leviathan too. Also those Sith Revan robes I showed earlier are completely finished, I just need to figure out how to place em properly.
  8. Thanks for the info, The reason I'm not replacing that particular robe is that it appears a little late in the game for my taste lol That and I may end up making something new for that anyway. But yeah I think the second way you mentioned would be best. What I was thinking of doing was placing a couple of new containers by the level exit, Inside along with the robes would be a data pad explaining that they were found when the Sith raided the enclave on Dantooine. The other containers would just have a couple of misc and Jedi items inside, a crystal and a robe or something. Y'know just for aesthetics
  9. I need some help...again I've finished the Revan robes I mentioned in my earlier WIP topic, But now I'm pretty confused with how to place em in game. I want to place them on the Leviathan just after Bastila disappears, in a unique container by the hangar door. But I really haven't a clue how to set about doing this. I read somewhere about attaching it into a script or something, Is this the easiest way? This the page I found detailing it. Any help would sure be appreciated, I must finish this damn mod! lol
  10. Thank you muchly, Figured I was messing something up.
  11. Oh I've been trying to do it with 3dsmax, I've just tried the replacer function and it came out even more wacky. Is there a link to a decent tutorial somewhere?
  12. Hey can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong here. Whenever I export a Lightsaber, this happens . . . It's the red one fairly obviously I apologize for the poor screenshots. Anyways the thing looks dull and doesn't appear from certain angles when I move the camera. Any help guys?
  13. Ah I see, This is very good news. Now I at least know it's do-able. I need to brush up on all this stuff anyways, I've only been doing models and not actually messing with how things work lol Thanks
  14. Hey does anybody know if its possible to replace the entire head model when wearing a mask? If so how would I go about doing that? Reason I ask is I figured it would be cool to just have a Revan helmet the player could wear with any armor that doesn't replace the head. I'm guessing this is a massive no anyway, as I've yet to see anybody else do it. That and wtf would happen the moment you wore an armor model with an attached helmet
  15. Awesome you got it working! Well done buddy its looking great