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  1. Oh, thats good to know!! I think its working now, its looking all black and metalic, but im guessing thats an easy shader fix with .txi editing, i hope lol. I must have messed up something in the kotorblender export cause is the first time i'm seeing the null bitmap. Well, i thought it would be an easy fix by making a txi with no CM_baremetal shader, but it still looks all black and metallic, maybe i cant delete that shader info form the game model? Okey so i fixed it!!! I managed to "eliminate" the shader by turning the alpha of the texture white. I just had to visit and old post of mine here in the forum where i asked about the exact same shader and is functionality. and thankfully there was an answer Since its not a great model and the uv's are a mess, im not planning on uploading it, but i'll leave some images here if anyone its curious
  2. Hi everyone, hope you are enjoying the kotor remake news yaaay lets hope they don't mess it up or something, right? Aaanyway, lets get to the point. Long story short, i made a horrible bad model in blender (based on the one made by apeiron remake team ) and exported it with kotorblender, used substance for the bake of the high poly and texturing the base color, and then merged the texture sets into one TGA (i know is not necesary casue you can mask meshes in substance, but i didnt know better). The thing is, altough my model shows up in kotor when i put it into the override folder, the texture is not appying on it. The model is unwrapped, and when i apply the texture on blender it works fine, so maybe i'm missing some kind of step concerning custom 3d models? (replaces blstr_001 that you get in the endar spire). Converting it to TPC is not working either and im out of ideas Thanks for reading!! My steps: -Create 3d model (high and low poly), replace the one imported form kotor respecting the hierarchy( blstr_001) and export the low poly mdl with kotorblender -Bake and texturing in substance, then merge the texture sets in one texture (those texture sets belong to the same uvmap so they work fine when merged, at least in blender) -Convert the kotorblender .mdl into binary with mdlEdit and then to override folder with the its TGA texture. Mesh works fine but looks white, like the texture is not applying. (Srry for my bad english)
  3. Wow thank you so much! will really help me a lot to understand how textures work in this game, definitly will experiment with .txis to see how they behave. Wich program do you use for textures? i used gimp because it was used in the tutorial i saw, but could learn another program. Probably should google more but it's kinda fun to first get in game and see the results of randomly experimenting lol Srry for the late response, had tons of work.
  4. Oh okay, i'll look up more into this hole alpha cannel thing cause im fairly new to this, should of gone to the tutorial section, also i'll look up about scaling textures. I tried erasing parts of the republic armor but instead of adding metalic details it just made it transparent lol so it doesnt work with all textures. Thanks for the reply!
  5. Hi everyone, i just recently started to mess around with kotor modding, simple stuff tho since curently i'm lacking time, but things will get better. Yesterday i modified my first texture, the initial soldier cloth texture(PM/FBBL01). I used GIMP, went to "image>scale>image size>width2048xheigth2048" (saw it on a tutorial, don't know if it actually helps), and then, noticed that the shiny metal bits of the armor in game were erased in the .tga file, so i did the same for all the other little metal bits of the armor that weren't erased, very happy with the results even if it's barely noticeable (you can see the little shiny highligths in the image below). My question is: does the intensity of the erase affect the texture in some way? Also, is it the same for every texture in the game? or its a special code stored somewhere in the archives of the game for this specific item? Because there's a lot of shiny armors in the game that have color (like Davik's or Space Suit), so i imagine that is not possible for those tga files to be transparent. Any help will be greatly appreciated it, sorry for my bad english.