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  1. Thank you so much! My KOTOR experience just got a lot more enjoyable.
  2. Is there something I can do with all this? Truth be told, I didn't even really understand what DarthParametric listed. I just was fortunate enough to find this link someone had "compiled" from the script he found on LF. It might be absurdly simple but I've never done anything like this before so I wouldn't even know where to begin.
  3. Awesome, thank you. I had no idea LucaForums just "went down" periodically. I thought it might be gone forever for some reason or other. The "skip Tarris turret" script works like a charm. Now just need Leviathan. Thank you again.
  4. As I said, the only NO Fighters mod I've seen specifically only removes random encounters. It does nothing for leaving Taris or the Leviathan or any of that.
  5. Yes, I know about the NO_Fighters mod that skips random encounters. Don't care about that. I have Googled the best I can and I have found decade-old dead links to mods promising easy turret minigames where you are way tougher and enemies are way easier. Yet I can't find a single working link to a mod that does this. That seems unthinkable to me. Doesn't modding improve with time? I just.. I can't do it. I suck at this minigame and I'm so sick of watching the same cutscenes over and over and over and over. And I know "all the tricks." I've been on Google for an hour. I still die. And I will keep dying and I will never beat this stupid game unless I can find some mod that does something that seems to me to be relatively simple. Given everything PC modding can do, something like "take no damage in a minigame"sounds extremely simple and easy. But I also know nothing about modding so.... If anyone can help me out here, I'd be beyond grateful. If you have a Paypal, I'd even be happy to donate to that in exchange for assistance. I don't bring this up to earn sympathy but I am visually impaired and it's why I love the auto-pause system for real gameplay. I jut can't react to things that quick so it serves me very well. I only beat KOTOR 1 originally because a friend did the turret section for me but I can't jus thope a friend is stopping by whenever I want to replay this game. I need a more permanent solution and a mod is the only solution I can think of.
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    Maybe there are more enemies in the last one, I dunno. I barely scraped by the first mandatory encounter but, as I said, I was stuck on the last one until I had a friend beat it for me.
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    Well the scripted ones are the problem.... I just could not beat the last one. Maybe I can find some way to cheat it. It's my only hope if there are no mods to remove it or to make you invulnerable.
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    Hello, Is there a mod that lets you skip the forced turret minigame sections in KOTOR 1? Or at least a hack that makes you invinciblerduring it? Anything at all, please? I really want to play through KOTOR 1 again but I literally could not beat the last forced minigame. I can't see that well and also I'm just a substandard gamer. I ended up having to ask a roommate at the time to do it for me but he's gone now and so I'm worried that my playthrough will hit a rather lame wall and come to a crappy end. Any help at all would be much appreciated.
  9. Um, hello. First post. I was looking for some help on why the Duplisaber installer constantly crashes and this seems like it might be a sollution. I have KOTOR Tool and a 2da merger like you recommended bu twhat 2da file are you referring to? I didn't find a 2da file included with this mod. I've already installed the Loot and Immersion mod and it recommended putting "baseitems.2da" from that mod's archive to Override folder. I did that because Duplisaber just wouldn' t work while I really wanted to try out L&I.