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  1. Just an FYI this has worked now, installing the games to my Steam\SteamApps\Workshop\content\208580\485537937 folder has implemented the mods successfully with no crashes.
  2. Yesterday I acquired all the pieces needed to create my lightsaber, and as normal I went to Bao Dur and went through the necessary dialog "Do I have all the parts..." etc. I chose single hilt (I have since tried double bladed to be sure) and I got the pop up with "2000 xp, quest updated, items lost" but no 'Items gained' and when I checked my invent there was no lightsaber. I have loaded this and tried again and again but the issue remains. The reason I have put this into the modding section is I have two mods running for Bao Dur exclusively: - Bao Dur's electromesh armor - http://deadlystream.com/forum/files/file/667-bao-durs-electromesh-armor/ - Bao Dur's repulser reskin - http://www.gamefront.com/files/5533249/Bao_Dur_s_Repulser_Reskin I doubt the repulser skin would have anything to do with it as it's one single file that doesn't replace - just changes the colour of his 'elbow' I also have a couple of lightsaber mods: Pikesabers - http://deadlystream.com/forum/files/file/138-tfu-lightsaber-pikes-for-tsl/ Lightsaber expansion - (I can't find a link for this for some reason) Granted, the electro mesh quest wasn't working properly, but running the TSL patcher for the mod fixed this; the lightsaber issue is still occurring. It's not the end of the world, as there are plenty around, but It's annoying that I can no longer seem to create my very own, just doesn't have the same feel using one ripped from the corpse of my dead enemies.. Any thoughts? P.S. I have attached the four mods in question to this post Bao-Dur Electromesh Armor 2.0.zip Bao-Dur Repulsor Reskin.zip Lightsabres expansion.zip Pikesabers.rar
  3. I wasn't aware there was one, there's just the one override folder in my kotor 2 folder and I assumed that was the only one
  4. I have recently started adding mods to my KotOR TSL game (beyond RCM which I've had for some time). I initially jumped in without reading into it and completely FUBAR'd my game, so I restored local content and created a backup of this once I confirmed it was working fine again. I then took it slowly, and found that the first few mods I integrated used the TSL patcher, and upon testing the game was fine. I created an updated backup of the game at a working point with the mods I had so far installed.* I then went ahead and installed some more mods, some of these explained that they just needed to be dropped into the override folder, which I did with no conflicts in file names. When I loaded the game again, it crashed as soon as I went through a loading door to a new area. (When this happens it boots me back to the title screen and the buttons are unresponsive, I then have to end the process through task manager). If I remove just the files I had added for the mod and load the game again, the issue remains. I then have to delete all the items out of the SWKotOR 2 folder and paste in a copy of the backup for this to work. (Even though the files are exactly the same as if I had removed the mod out myself) This, I have found, only occurs with some files, such as a vibrosword reskin mod and an enhanced beams reskin mod. However other mods such as BaoDur's repulsor reskin also add to the override and cause no issues. Is there a reason for this? *BaoDur's Electromesh Armor 2.0 BaoDur's repuslor reskin Aliens redetailed Thanks in advance