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  1. Finding changes to scripts will not save and dialogue trees disappear after saving.

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    2. Neville


      I am creating my own dialogue trees. I cannot seem to make one that activates the recruit function. I have been trying to modify the Sith armor model to show some of the wearer's face for a mod.

    3. jc2


      I think you may benefit from posting a thread fully detailing what you have tried, what tools you use, and what are the issues.

      Because if your script isn't saving or compiling correctly, then that could be your only problem, but it could easily be a bad script, misplaced script, misplaced files, mishandled files, etc ...

      My advice on the recruit function is to 1) read carefully the Recruit Function Readme by Ferc, 2) find another mod that uses it and see how their script does it (check Recruitable mods). 


    4. Neville


      I started trying several years ago. I have GMAX/NWMAX, MDLOPS 6, NWNNSSCOMP, KotOR Tool, KSE333, Replacer, and DLG Editor. For reference, I checked Recruitable Kay. I was trying not to directly copy.