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    These new crystal icons are gorgeous. Not only are they higher resolution, they look a lot more like actual crystals. The default crystal icons were too smooth. Crystals should be rough and uneven. Solid improvement.
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    A Sith holocron mod by Sith Holocron. How appropriate. This is a great reskin. It's truer to the movies and looks way prettier. Given how central the holocrons are to corrupting one of the game's major characters, they deserve to look pretty. There's pretty much no reason not to download this. I particularly liked the glowing version. The way the holocrons pulse as if alive feels creepy and adds further visual variety.
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    Holy crap, this mod is a mandatory install. I have a friend who wants to play KotOR for the first time. I'm not going to recommend too many mods because I don't want to overwhelm him. This mod will be one of the handful that I'll recommend. What's there to say? Robes with coats look so much cooler (and truer to the movies) than the original coat-less robes, it's not even funny. Coats are always cool. Fact. There's a reason the KotOR 2 developers replaced the original KotOR 1 robes. I used to fantasize about porting the K2 models back to K1 when I was a kid in the mid-2000s. Now that fantasy is real! This mod makes the game flat out better. Your PC will probably wear Jedi robes for most of the game, so you'll likely get more "mileage" out of this mod than any other set of textures/models. Awesome work, JCarter.
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    These new armor textures are gorgeous. They're way higher resolution and make a couple other aesthetic improvements, like turning one of the armors (I forget its name) into a more subdued and realistic-feeling shade of red. The detail work on the interlocking metal plates is particularly great, and makes this mod stand out from a simple texture upscale. These armors feel more like real body armor. I actually want my PC and party members to wear them now.
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    This is a great little alteration. I didn't notice it on my earlier playthroughs, but your PC really lags behind the Jedi party members in the Force powers department. Sure, you can take high-level powers at the same levels they can, but you get a lot fewer powers. Maybe that makes sense from a story standpoint. Gameplay-wise, though, I never liked that doing all of the side quests on Taris was punitive. A PC who ignored them all would be a stronger Jedi by the end of the game. That didn't feel right. Solid gameplay tweak.
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    This is a great little set of alterations. The bonus to force aura is for the better. Defensive buffs are generally less useful than attack buffs and this evens things out. Changing speed/wookiee rage to an attack bonus rather than extra attacks is for the better. Extra attacks were too good, especially at higher levels. Force kill did too much damage. Also good. Force crush, same story. Removing the animation on a passed save is another good tweak. I think it was fine for destroy droid to do as much damage as it did. It's a more circumstantial power that doesn't work on a lot of foes. OTOH, the debuff is consistent with force lightning's debuff. I liked the blur effect on force speed, but recognize that a lot of people didn't. Solid gameplay tweak.
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    I died to a gizka. 10/10
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    I'm only giving this a one star because I'm having trouble using this page to download mods. I'm used to Nexus mod manager (use that mostly for Skyrim) along with Vortex which does the installing for you and also easily enables you to enable or disable a mod. For people who have been using this for a long time I'm sure by now they know what to do, but for a new comer like me it's very difficult and time consuming especially when you get 30 error messages. I even went on YouTube to see if there was a how to video on how to use Deadly Stream but I couldn't find one. If anyone knows of one or could make a video that would help people like me who are new to this page.