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    It was an idea I had many years ago. Never found the time to go through the concept. Then Lucas forums closed. But now I have some to wrestle this. Since 2023, everything is in HD, 4K, AI Upscaled. So I thought, why not make a new texture for the datapad for the Dantooine cutscene. I've redone the texture of both datapads models (regular and with severed arm). I tried to upscale the textures with some success. Now I don't have a working 3DS Max license nor the will to re-learn the tools of Blender 3D. So I didn't unwrap the UV Mapping to see where everything goes. But it a start. I was inspired by this concept. I also plane to add animations choices for the display screen. I will also rework the texture of the datapad on the severed arm. My broken screen don't real shows and I want to add some random damages on the metal. It surely had been dropped on the floor, if the arm was ripped off or something in this line of idea. Here are the results Addendum... DarthParametric has answered a call to aid here, by remaking the severed arm model and by providing me the UV Mapping images of both datapads models. I'm adding his great contribution to this project as stipulated in the request.
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    Hi everyone, I was wondering if someone would have the time, or be kind enough, to export as an image, the UVMaping of plc_datapad.mdl and plc_sevrdarm.mdl (both datapads models). I have a W.I.P. right here and it would be of great help in the fine tuning stage of this mod. As of right now I can't install 3DS Max or any other 3D software for technical reasons. Of course, I will add the user name in the credits. Thanks in advance
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    Hi Sithspecter, I'm curious how much of your Sleheyron aligns with the actual cut plans and vision for the planet from Bioware, or if this is a totally new construction that started with the two cut modules as a base but with a totally new questline.
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    They weren't too bad to figure out, but I honestly did not think anyone would notice. I'm pleasantly surprised so many people have noticed! I hope to eventually be at the point to get voiced dialogs, but I'm not there yet. Content is still in its infancy and it changes a lot. I'll remember this for the future.
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    Version 1.0.0


    A simple recolor of Dark Hope's incredible Rep soldier textures. For convenience I've included bot male and female textures in this mod. This mod requires JC's Republic Soldier Fix for K2 to be installed first in order to work. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Installation: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- First make sure to install JC's Republic Soldier Fix for K2 Once the fix is installed, simply drag and drop the textures in this mod over to your TSL's installation Override directory. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks to Dark Hope for giving me permission to release this. At this point I'm sure I'm pretty much using all of the mods Dark Hope has released in this site in one way or an other. Make sure to check them out!
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    on my iPad pro I do not have an iTunes > Apps > Documents. I have an individual KOTOR II app folder but I cannot drag and drop and place the file in this spot