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    I just realized I joined this site when I was 14... WOW LOL time flies
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    Could be if you are using Win 11, who knows. Or it could be GPU driver related.
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    Replace your original (or patched) exe and ini with the attached. You still need the GUIs in the Override from this mod. The attached is just a pre-patched exe.
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    Try the following: K1_Patched_2560x1440.zip
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    I believe personally it may work with most mods, but has anyone tested this with Brotherhood of Shadow Solomon's Revenge? Only reason why I am asking this is because I think it edits ebo_m12aa.mod, but because this uses TSLPatcher I'd think it would work. I highly doubt for any other files, but I will check. Ok I did a check and it seems like It would be compatible with BoSSR. I don't know about many other mods, but since this mod has TSLPatcher, anything with a .mod extension should be fine. Warning to check your files though, just in case there may be an incompatibly. Unfortunate I'd need to start from Taris for this mod to work, and it's definitely something I'll want to install. I will install it when I am finished my current playthrough and am starting another, perhaps.
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    Replaying KoTOR: II for the 65456444235675459th time
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    Hmm well the values weren't set to the defaults. I appreciate your help, but I'll be doing a fresh run soon and I'll start from scratch. I'll reach out if I encounter this again