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    Aged Rukil up a bit but I'm still on the fence, and here's my Doba concept.
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    Version 1.1


    This mod changes the main menu variant featuring the Dark Side player (CurSithLord=4). The original version of the mod used the dancing Twi'lek Assassins from the Easter Egg menu. The revised version now adds two additional options featuring Dark Side versions of certain party members. Mira, Visas, and Brianna: Mira and Visas: Twi'lek Assassins: As per my TSL Main Menu Model Fix for Widescreen mod, fixes/adjustments for widescreen aspect ratios have now been incorporated into this mod. I would advise installing that mod first to gain access to the improvements in the other menus. Additionally, I have adjusted one of the dancing animations used in the menu (by Mira and the light coloured Twi'lek) to fix an issue at the end of the animation loop where there was a pause for a few frames which caused some noticeable jankiness. I've also properly fixed the texture issue on one of the Twi'leks, so if you were using the older version of this mod you can safely delete N_TwiAssasin01H.tga from your Override folder. Instructions: To install, simply choose your desired version and copy mainmenu05.mdl and mainmenu05.mdx to your Override folder. To uninstall, simply delete those two files from your Override folder. If you are using my widescreen menu fix mod, overwrite when prompted. Known Issues Obviously it won't be compatible with any other mods that replace the mainmenu05 model files. Note that any texture mods that alter the Twin Suns Assassins will also affect this mod. I'm unsure whether the Brianna version will be suitable for 4:3 resolutions (or a non-widescreen patched version). Acknowledgements Thanks to TeamTwi'lek* for their secret tool project that made editing and compiling the menu models possible *Not their real name, but it should be