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    Aye... Revan needs to lay off the pills.
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    Here some updated screenshots - its amazes me how much graphical improvement can be made with texturing alone, although adding custom lightmaps is something thats hopefully is doable later, too. Recently created highly detailed heightmaps for a realistic look on (uneven) surfaces: Vanilla texture: recreated tex: Ingame: primarily used on Korriban: misc planets: Please give me a short feedback whether you like/dislike the new look and why.
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    Version 1.0.0


    This modification returns Ordo's Repeating Blaster for Canderous. It is unclear why this blaster was lost to them. Now Canderous will again be its owner. Blaster by default will be equipped in Mandalore. The idea of this modification belongs to RevanFanMan, thank you for it! Information about weapons. It is slightly weaker than the Mandalorian repeating blaster. Required skills: blaster rifle Damage, energy 3-17 Small Arms 38m Critical threat: 20-20, x2 Properties: Modifiable, small arms. The language of the modification is the same as that of your kotor TSL
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    For anyone having the issue of TSLPatcher just disappearing after they hit select and are just left with a taskbar icon I finally found a solution!!! HairlessWookiee over on Reddit had the solution and I CANT FUCKING BELIEVE THIS WORKS, BUT IT DOES!!!! "As to your specific issue, there can be an issue where the TSLPatcher window/s end up positioned partially or fully off the screen. Try the following: 1.Run TSLPatcher.exe 2.Position the mouse cursor over its icon in the taskbar3. 3.Hit Alt+Space Bar 4.Press the M key 5.Press the left (or any) arrow key 6.Now move the mouse. The TSLPatcher window should be attached to the cursor, allowing you to position it anywhere on screen. 7.Left click to release it." https://www.reddit.com/r/kotor/comments/42ihjb/tsl_patcher_issue/ Happy Modding : ) -Genital Lee