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    And exactly one month later, Kashyyk is finally done. If I had not decided to add some fancy shenanigans that would've taken much shorter but I like the result even though you can't really see much of the skybox. And here's the entrance to the Wookiee village that you can actually see now (that's what was taking so long to get right). And finally, the usual render of just the skybox: Not sure what I'll work on next. The only big one still missing is Dxun and then there are some other skyboxes that still need little tweaks but I'm getting very close to actually finishing the vanilla skyboxes
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    The numbered ones are set dynamically via script, so technically they are all available in a given DLG (aside from whatever ones you are already using).
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    If you're referring to his mdl and mdx files, they are: - p_candba.mdl/mdx -p_candbb.mdl/mdx -p_candh.mdl/mdx. You can re-extract them from KOTOR Tool under Kotor 1 - BIFs - Aurora Model & Aurora Model Extension.