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    "Our Prometheus! What fire of knowledge do you bring to us mortals today?" - JonTron Now the Female Soldiers are looking good as well. Once again you have impressed me greatly @Dark Hope Can't wait to see more of your brilliant work!!
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    At Long Last!! The Republic Armor and The Ugly Helmets look the way they should!!! Polished Up, Shiny and Good Looking!!
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    This is phenomenal! The blades look perfect in terms of color and shape, and the glow effect is both subtle and beautiful. I only wish that the glow and blade shape could easily carry over to some of the other custom hilts I have installed, though I tend to play K1 more vanilla than modded so the higher poly default hilts will do here.
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    Thank you so much for making this. Absolutely awesome playing one of my favorite games on my phone, with the content restored. Any chance of making M478 playable on mobile?