Vibrating Saber Colors 1.0

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This just a quick mod I whipped up to redo the vanilla saber colors.


I re-made the saber textures from scratch, implemented the animated texture and added grain to the texture. As a result, the lightsaber blades will appear to have a slight vibration to them, which gives off a better and more lively glow.


All the textures are included, (even for Kotor 2), so just drag and drop into override.


I tried to upload a gif as the screenshot, but I may have to link a youtube video instead if the animation doesn't work.

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Is this compatible with your Holowan Duplisaber mod ? I was using the fixed saber colours from High Poly Tin Cans before to avoid the bug with the Sith Assasins and Darth Sion on the Harbinger having green lightsabers.

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I think it should be fine. All this does is changes some of the color textures - the textures are the same just updated, so if you still use the Hi Poly Tin Cans with Duplisaber you should be fine

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I tried it out yesterday. The trails all looked a bit green but that could have been because of my Reshade. The Sith Assasins also had their red blades. 

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