TSL - Ultima Duel Room 1.2

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maded by Aneeryrlue


1, Installation
2, Uninstallation
3, Compatibility
4, Description
5, Special Thanks


1, Installation:


copy Modules/dr_arena.mod -> your xyz/kotor2/modules/..
copy Override/medlog.dlg -> your xyz/kotor2/override/..
copy Override/secsys.dlg -> your xyz/kotor2/override/..
copy Override/dr_arenaenter.ncs -> your xyz/kotor2/override/..


2, Uninstallation:


delete file from your xyz/kotor2/modules/dr_arena.mod
delete file from your xyz/kotor2/override/medlog.dlg
delete file from your xyz/kotor2/override/secsys.dlg
delete file from your xyz/kotor2/override/dr_arenaenter.ncs


3, Compatibility:




This is a lore-friendly mod, it's should be compatible with everything EXCEPT,
if you have medlog.dlg/secsys.dlg in your override folder,
if you overwrite them, you can't access to the UDR Arena.
ex: medlog.dlg -> Medical Terminal at game starts on Peragus
ex: secsys.dlg -> Security Camera System on Ebon Hawk


4, Description:


Here is 340+ enemy with some personality
Dialogues has some level restrict for unlocking them.


Well, the most of the enemies are OVERPOWERED, but they are BEATABLE!
I maded this mod for that reasons if you overbored by the story, or just want to chillin' on an another way


Q: How to access to the Arena?
A: 1, Start New Game-> Go and talk with Medical Terminal after 25secounds gameplay, choose Load Ultima Duel Room option.
A: 2, While storyline is goes, on the Ebon Hawk go to Security Camera System -> choose Load Ultima Duel Room option.


Q: xyz
A: If you enter to the module, there is an information terminal for another questions.


Q: xyz2
A: write me a message at anytime about anything on deadlystream.com, i'll answer i promise


5, Credit List & Special thanks to:


-Kexikus for NSS Source Scripts
-Antonia for NSS Source Scripts
-Fair Strides for all-time helping me
-Real Rece for some Robes
-Varsity Puppet for some corporate
-Stoffe because his premission and many thanks for it
-Kainzorus Prime for Clone Armors(future relases)
-Jorak Uln for original ideas, and hopefully for some corporate in future relases
-Small Chicken
-djh269 for some tests
-for you if you download/ed this modification

What's New in Version 1.2   See changelog


  • Version 1.2
  • -Added 7 new enemy
  • -Added 24 new items
  • -Some fixes

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