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Visas' Dancer Outfit

By Fair Strides



This is a small and simple mod that allows Visas Marr to wear the Dancer's Outfit you get on Nar Shaddaa when you dance for Vogga. It will also give you the opportunity to have Visas dance for Vogga just before you will acquire the outfit.



Simply unpack the mod and run the TSLPatcher.exe to select an install option. To get Visas to actually dance for Vogga, you will have to run the install three times; once to allow her to wear the outfit, and two more times to install both parts of the dancing for Vogga sequence.




A small warning about making Visas dance for Vogga: this mod is both compatible with TSLRCM and separate from it. In order to make this so, I've added unmodded versions of the levels I edit with this mod, but if you have TSLRCM installed, these unmodded versions won't be installed and they will give off a warning saying that the file already exists. This is harmless and perfectly okay.





Each folder inside the tslpatchdata folder has an info.rtf file that has uninstallation instructions for that particular install option.



You have my express permission to re-upload this mod wherever, but only on FOUR conditions:


1. You do not change anything whatsoever about it.



2. You do not upload it to the Steam Workshop. This mod and the way it is done is not designed for Steam Workshop's way of installing mods. Files actually need to be patched for this mod to work.



3. You give credit to me as the author of this mod and must leave the read-me included and intact.



4. You


do not
re-use the resources/files involved in compatibility with Varsity Puppet's "Visas Unmasked!" mod. If you wish to do so, you must contact Varsity Puppet at Lucasforums or Deadlystream,
he must say yes
for you to use them!



-loseryoda from the KotOR Sub-reddit for making the request in the first place, even if I have gone a little bit beyond what he was requesting...


-Varsity Puppet for allowing me to use parts of his Visas Unmasked installer to make the compatibility option.


What's New in Version 1.0   See changelog


  • 12/13/2015 ~=~ Initial Release

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