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Here we have a mod by our newest staff member JediShemL. This mod changes the way each Jedi Class gains their Force Powers per level. Every now and then your jedi will get two powers, then next level he will get one. It is pretty much random the way he has set it up. As for balance, I would have to say this mod is as balanced as it could be. The noticable difference that this mod has to other feat/force power gain mods is that it changes the rate at which your specific class gains powers.


- JediKilla

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Lets say I want to uninstall it later on down the road to avoid conflict with other mods, how would I do that?

In this case, merely remove the file "classpowergain.2da" from the override, and the game will revert back to the default classpowergain.2da, then you can go ahead and install any other mod. 


Alternatively, (this is not recommended if you are unsure) you could merely install another mod on top of it, which can backfire, but in this case wouldn't, unless that file was skipped because the installer saw the file name already there. To be safe, uninstall fully, before installing something else. 

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For anyone interested in this mod the extra power points per class are as follows (if starting from lvl 1):

  • Consular +6   (25 → 31)
  • Sentinel +6   (21 → 27)
  • Guardian +4   (21 → 25)
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