KotOR Repulsor Shields

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"My my my, this is a unique mod we have today. Inyri gets definite kudos for thinking outside the box with it.


In a time period where swords were brought back, why aren't there any shields? Pretty much every Sith or Republic trooper you runs into has a vibroblade on him, one would definitely come in handy.


Well, now there are, and you'll get to use three different kinds of them. Stat-wise they're all useful, providing 15% resistance against melee damage and a +3 to defense. There's also some various attribute and Force-related bonuses that differ depending on the shield, but overall they're all about equally powerful so you can choose which one to use over simply aesthetics if you'd like.


These items can also be found in-game on various planets, so now you won't have an excuse to cheat these onto your character while you're still on the Endar Spire. tongue.gif Remember to run the TSLPatcher once you've downloaded this, and enjoy!


Note: Please leave the author feedback, especially if you download this mod and use it. It really helps encourage the author to make more mods in the future.


-Emperor Devon"

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This is something original!


This shields are very well designed and are a fine addition to the game.

The stats are well thought and balanced giving some small benefits specially to one-handed weapon players.

They look really cool while equipped, but some combat animations may seem a bit strange and out of place because, well, the game wasn't designed with shields in mind.


The shields work as an off-hand melee weapon, so you will hit your targets with it, even having a corresponding sound effect.

Also they provide a blaster bolt deflection bonus except one, which I think should have it too.


Beautiful well designed and balanced items it's what we want in a mod, right?

So I strongly recommend this one.

I give this mod 4/5.

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