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This mod will add 3 playable male & 3 playable female Echani. It will also change the Echani Mercenaries on Manaan so that they look like Echani, instead of humans (wearing Echani Light Armor). Echani have silver hair, silver eyes, and children of the same parents all have the same face (like twins and triplets, only they are born at different times).


The models that I used were comm_a_m, comm_w_m2, & N_BrejikH as well as n_tatcoma_f, n_tatcomw_f, & pfha01. Unfortunately, the 3 males and second female have a small flaw. If you equip goggle or a mask on them, it will not show up on the in-game model, but the stats will still apply to the character. Some players may prefer this, since most masks and goggles are klunky and unattractive.

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Nice. The darkside transitions are particularly awesome, the silvery skin look fits perfectly with the Echani.

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Transitions looks amazing, screens are great.

Would you consider applying simillar transitions to standard races? ...its just glory reincarnated to have those tattos rather than some cartoonish arhetypes.


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This mod makes other Restored Content characters turn into male Echani mercenaries. For example, it turns the Twi'lek at the Pazaak Tournament into a male Echani and it also turns Major Hurka on the Leviathan into a male Echani as well. Lastly, if this mod is used with the Crystal Cave Redux Mod, it will turn Master Izrak into an Echani wearing the Scoundrel underwear. 


Link to djh269's Crystal Cave Redux here

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