Visually Distinctive WeaponTypes 1.0

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This mod is actually quite old. I submitted it a while ago for testing purposes, but never got to actually uploading it for DS.


Basically it's a retexture of all of the different weapon's effects for each ammo type. Each bolt is customized so that no longer do the disruptor and ion weapons have the same muted white blob. After a little while, I also got into editing the bowcaster as well, so now it has something more akin to its appearance on the Jedi Knight games. All of the weapon's effects are edited.



This mod uses the TSLPatcher to install, so just follow the instructions and it'll do its thing.


<</ Notes for update for 1.1

There were a few files that I somehow forgot to include in the original installation TSLPatcher.

So if you already installed my version 1.0 of this mod, I have included in this download the fixed files

to be dropped into the Override, so that you won't have to reinstall this mod.

However, the TSLPatcher will now install everything properly as well.


Replace the ammunitiontype.2da in the override with the one found in the TSLPatcher backup folder and delete the files listed in the tslpatchdata from the override as well



Please don't this in your mod without my permission



Adobe for the Photoshop, Lucasarts and Obsidian for making Kotor 2; with which none of this would be possible,

Mav for his easy to use and informative TSL Blaster Bolt Retexturing Tutorial link:

, FairStrides for his input and initial testing

, SithHolocron for the assistance and advice

, The rest of the DeadlyStream community for remaining helpful and supportive for all of this time,

and George Lucas for creating Star Wars in the first place

What's New in Version 1.0   See changelog


  • 1.0 -first version-
  • 1.1 -fixed the muzzleflashes so that they aren't sideways, (Sorry, about that)

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