Ultimate Balancing Mod 1.95

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To make Star Wars: The Sith Lords a whole new and challenging epic adventure from the beginning until the end.



This mod basically changes all classes (mostly non-jedis) to be a little tougher and balanced.

It also increases the difficult of the game, your enemies have higher lvl (more XP), to hit, damage, etc.

There are many changes in this mod based upon the Star Wars Saga (the latest D20 system Pen&Paper RPG);

Mira is now a true Bounty Hunter.


Classes 2da: I've reworked all recommended stats for most classes, clicking it while creating your character will give you a little boost. Also, reworked your allies starting stats related to the changes.

All non-jedi classes: have 2/4 extra VP, base jedi classes (JS/JG/JC): have the same VP gain (10), FP gain (3), feat gain, power gain and skills. In SW Saga, it's only one class with little differences.

Reduced the FP gain for each other force user class, but now they all have the force sensitive feat (40 extra FP).


featgain.2da: all base jedi classes now gain feats as a Jedi Guardian and i gave 1, 2 or 3 extra feats to every non-jedi class.


acbonus.2da: scout and tech specialist gained armor bonus per level; +16 ac by lvl 50.


k_sp1_generic.ncs: most BUFF force powers have a extended duration (60 seconds); to compensate the lower FP each class has.

The Whole speed and fury tree of powers doesn't give extra atacks/armor anymore, rebalanced force valor/force shield related powers (weaker, but they full stack now).


Baseitems.2da/ItemCreate.2da: Improved all blasters (they are REAL blasters now) and some swords damage, tweaked saber-staff damage to be the same as normal lightsaber, i.e. rebalanced everything to look like Sw Saga.

Tweaked skill requirements and upgrade bonus for lightsabers, a small compensation to the lost of damage/extra atacks.


Saving Throws: Jedi Master/Sith Lord have the same progression as Jedi Consular, increased droid classes ST.

Scoundrel and Soldier now have a better progression, Stronger Fortitude+Reflex.


DifficultyOption.2da/diffsettings.2da: I recommend you to remove the difficultyoption.2da because it may make enemies 1-shot you, it was making all the balancing harder to accomplish.


ClassPowerGain.2da: I gave a progression of 2 powers at lvl 1, more 1 per level, except in lvls multiple of 3 (+1).

This is a very slow progression compared to the default ones, but you wont end the game with ALL powers in the list (also you will need to think better before choosing)


forceadjust.2da: increased overall Force Power cost for LS/DS characters; the objective is to reduce force power spam and give some benefits to neutral characters.


Autobalance.2da: increases your enemies level, hit points, armor, to-hit, SThrows and damage.


Skills.2da: All classes (except Prestige Jedi classes) have more class skills, droid combatent have more skill points

and base jedi classes have the following class skills: persuade and awareness, 2 SP per level (the Exile starts with Security & Repair as extra skills).


Spells.2da: Normal version; increases the FP cost of Force Crush, and other abusive force powers. HLFP version: same as before but also increases all high level powers cost, spamming these powers makes the game pretty easy, specially on bosses. I hope this will fix it.


Feat.2da: All jedi's can have weapon specialization.

Droid expert have way more avaiable feats, reworked skill-related feats for everyone (so it matches its new skills).

I am recovering the old implants feats from kotor 1, since everyone have a increased feat gain and you level up faster, no need to waste points in constitution anymore.


ForceShields.2da: merely cosmetic, all shields but the droids doesn't have animations anymore; in the last version all shields have been nerfed.


ChemicalCreate.2da: Now you can build all implants if you have the required skill.



Just dump everything in your Override folder.

I recommend doing so after you have installed HLFP 2.1 (or not) and before any other mod that uses the TSL patcher.exe.



This mod is fully compatible with TSLRCM and ImprovedAI/High level F. Powers by stoffe (2.1 version).

It can be fully compatible with any mods that dont mess with the same files.

There's a english dialog.tlk file which must be placed in the game folder before any mod that mess with this file, in order to see the ingame changes (make backups).



Remove all the files.


6. Bugs & Issues:

I dont think theres anything wrong here, if you find anything strange, report to me at http://www.deadlystream.com/forum/ or email me max_mms@hotmail.com if its not a problem to you.



Created by HaVoKeR.

You may use this mod at will, i just ask that my name stick with it. =)

Inspiration and sources (script related): Beancounter, Stoffe, Achilles and Envida.

What's New in Version 1.95


  • 1.30: Fixed the spells.2da (power-chart) and putted a separate version compatible with HLFP 2.1.
  • Fixed Mira's class name.
  • 1.40: Added all implants to the medbench, any implant can be built if you have the required skill.
  • Rebalanced some force powers to be weaker since they last long.
  • 1.50: Rebalanced some classes and fixed most party members to have the correct amount of feats and skills due to the changes.
  • Visas recovered the force sensitive feat.
  • Improved some lightsaber upgrades to balance with the lower base damage.
  • Tweaked most skill requirements for upgrades (slightly lower).
  • Removed all extra attacks from speed/fury powers and reduced all enemies hit points to compensate.
  • 1.60: removed k_ai_master - wasn't working properly, except for the ai - if you want the improved ai, download the original.
  • Added an english dialog file with the ingame changes (powers mostly).
  • Tweaked Bounty Hunter class a bit and now Mira can access implant feats, it was bugged previously. Improved the plasma missil to be really effective and useful.
  • Improved autobalance.2da, now your enemies really have extra to hit and etc, not only damage/level.
  • Corrected some bugs in k_sp1_generic.ncs so now all the spells really do what they should (matching the dialog description).
  • 1.65: Rebalanced some abusive force powers FP costs (so the only file you have to update i.e. substitute from 1.60 is the spells.2da). New SS avaiable; for better understanding of whats inside this mod.
  • 1.70: I've just discovered that the n_darthsion002.utc or something like that conflicts with RCM (file must be removed), also the c_lightsaber00X.utc files make the last battle way to hard, so i am nerfing it a little.
  • 1.75: It seems that the rocket.uti file is not working to improve mira's rockets damage, so i'm removing it. I'm also nerfing the initial stats of exile a little (reducing the points gained through the use of the recommended button) to make the game a little bit harder.
  • 1.80: I'm adding a new difficult options.2da file for Hardcore-pro-players; It means increased difficult plus Impossible difficulty option. If you use this with version 1.9, you will be 1-hit many times, so i don't recommend.
  • 1.90: I have boosted realism in the game - the autobalance for stronger enemies and decreased the amount of force powers - now each force power you get has increased value. Otherwire you would end up with all th powers you need using previous version or vanilla, therefore it was meaningless in late game. Powers of the force are rare and choosing it should take time and wisdom on your progress, so in the end you have few but very important ones... consider it less of brute force, more of a personal touch for each jedi... even more if you have HLFP mod.
  • 1.95: The Weapon Upgrades folder has files to rebalance all weapon upgrades, so everything is pretty useful and you can choose which one is better for your build. Lightsaber damage (and upgrades) is now unstoppable, since in the SW Saga edition almost nothing can reduce its damage, this is the closest we can get, also thats why it has lower base damage than blasters... beware of enemies with sabers, things will get pretty rough. You can use it without UBM though, but i recommend to use this if you have UBM installed.
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when we get an upgrade for the latest restorec patch, as both alter the feat 2da? or maybe a TSL patcher version?

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Hi, i think this mod is great for who want a challenge like me.


Only one thing, I finish Peragus al lv 10, i think the level up is too fast, there is some way to take a little less exp ?

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The huge nerf to force speed makes me sad. It's borderline useless now.


Other than that I find it bloody fantastic. Good changes overall, good compatibility. Feels more difficult but fair.

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Is something wrong with the alignment? The cost of dark side powers is going up as I become darker, it should be lowering.

Other than that, great mod.

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This mod is not entirely compatible with TSLRCM.  His dialog.tlk is required for this mod, but TSLRCM overwrites that file. Again, this is NOT entirely compatible. Without dialog.tlk, I was unable to select the Implant Feats when leveling, for instance, because this mod's dialog.tlk is overwritten by TSLRCM's and vice versa. TSLRCM's version does not patch dialog.tlk, it completely overwrites it.

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I used the dialog from this since the mod is listed as RCM compatible but I guess i'll just have to see if it seems to screw something up.


I've also been experiencing the problem with powers not working and their descriptions not lining up. The problem went away when I stopped using the HLFP 2.1 spells.2da from this mod.

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Using the dialog.tlk from this mod appears to cause issues with journal info. If you use the dialog.tlk from this you will likely see some journal entries replaced with force power info.

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Can this mod PLEASE be changed to no longer state that it's TSLRCM compatible?  It simply is not, and will confuse many users.



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Good job with this mod, and for most cases I'd rather name it "ultimate suffering mod", especially with difficultyoption.2da and 250% damage =)
Here are some thoughts after a complete playthrough as a female jedi consular/master with "difficult" difficulty option selected:
 1. On low levels encounters with more than 5 clustered ranged enemies are a complete death trap. The two major examples are telosian surface with 6 czerka thugs, clustered around swoop bikes and some time after that a room with 4 turrets and 2 droids inside the telos military base. I tried just everything to win in the first one, but even in easy mode it was completely impossible, so I just avoided them after a painful internal fight over not gained XP for this group =) So, what I am trying to say is that on low levels, without lightsabers with their almighty deflection, ranged damage seems too imbalanced, and maybe should be slightly nerfed.

 2. A second thing is grenades. The ones, that deal damage are totally useless beyound level 10, if not earlier. They were always useless in the vanilla game, however, but since this mod's objective is to balace things, this might be raised as an issue. Even a plasma grenade deals 30(or 50?) damage, which is less than a single blaster shot on lvl 10. The same problem appears to be with concussion grenades - I had never seen a single enemy, stunned by this grenade(including myself). The only and extremely useful ones are thermal detonators and adhesive grenades, cause these give you a degree of battlefield control, if nothing else works.

 3. Shields are rather frustrating now. What I mean is one can't say that they are useless, but they won't last for more than a couple of shots. Maybe making their capacity higher can at least help you to cut through this impenetrable 6-thug small army on low levels.


The last thing is force powers. I deliberately avoided training my jedi with force storm this time, since it was announced to have a high FP cost, but instead trained her with force wave and statis field(+ destoy droid, and that's it about offensive powers for consular he-he), and it won the game. With Wiz 48 at the very end of the game, and everything else nearly half as much I was able to push every damn thing into the walls(with AoE dmg around 70) in the Trays academy))) Including Sion and even Kreia herself sometimes, though with the latter the stasis field worked better instead. It's not a problem actually, but rather some feedback for you.

Thx for this mod, it was interesting to play, especially in combination with the "improved AI" mod!

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Ultimate Balancing Mod 1.95 by HaVoKeR


A Review by Master Joris:


             Dear Readers,


                   The Ultimate Balancing Mod by HaVoKeR is a mod everyone needs to play at-least once. This mod is a fine, new way of playing one of the best games on earth. 

                   HaVoKeR has totally change the game with this mod some of the changes include: 


              1.) The Classes have all been changed to a more RPG-type way of playing the game. All classes gain the same as the other class do in the way of 

           force powers, feats, and skills. 


              2.) Is that there in the mod pack, there is Impossible, which is the best change of difficulty in years. Want a way to make the game more difficult play this mod sub-version, I've been playing it and I absolutely love it. Also, there is a Weapons Upgrade, along with mod that give a amazing new way of making weapons and blaster feel more real and more effective.


              3.) Get ready for a completely total new experience. This mod is great for players who want a challenge. When Re-Balancing Kotor2, it is hard to do it just right, but this mod does one of the best versions of Re-Balancing, I've seen.


              This Mod is Compatible with TSLCRM. Also, as a end to this review, This mod is worth playing.








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There is a source folder with a file "k_inc_force.nss" what do i do with it?

nvm i now know that folder is modders resource one doenst need to be on anything to install it

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Is it possible to install part of the mod and make it work right?For example,can I use the feat.2da and the spells.2da only and leave the rest of the mod out and still get what it is described to gain by adding these to my override? Or these changes apply only if you install all or certain parts of the mod?

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I like the Mod overall, but I left peragus with master Flurry... That just ain't right m8... Is there a way to lower xp gain or sth? also I have soooo much credits on me, is that normal or is there a incompatibility causing that?

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