K1 Upscaled Vanilla Weapon Textures 0.5

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Mahalo for checking out my mod! I promise I will get updated pictures down the road.

This is a WIP port of my K2 Upscaled Vanilla Weapon Textures mod I made recently.  I was originally planning on just porting over the entire mod and upscaling the Gaffi stick textures, but the ranged weapons got messed up 🙃 So for now, this mod will only contain the upscaled melee weapons!  This is my to-do list for this mod:

  • Upscale ranged weapon textures to 512px & make sure they work
  • Upscale gaffi stick textures to 512px & make sure they work

The mod itself should be pretty simple to install - just download the file, go into the folder of the weapons you want to replace, and drop the loose files directly into your Override folder (should be something like C:\Program Files (x86)\GOG Galaxy\Games\Star Wars - KotOR2\Override, for example).  Note that this won't be compatible with mods that change the models or retexture weapons, so if you want to use my textures be sure to overwrite the ones in your Override with the ones from this file!  For major overhauls like High Quality Blasters or Quarterstaff Replacement where the weapons look physically different, textures from this file won't work with those models.

Why should I use these textures over something like High Quality Blasters or Quarterstaff Replacement?

Honestly, if the mods doesn't break anything in your game, you should just use those mods instead since they offer actually good weapon models and textures.  This is more of an alternative for those who have problems with those kinds of mods or can't run those kinds of mods for whatever reason, or are looking to complement other high-res textures from those mods.  Or you really, really like the vanilla textures and want to be a purist.

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