Default Hilt Replacement Mod 8.2

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DHRM 8.2
Kaidon Jorn May 2021

This mod will replace the default vanilla game saber models into new higher poly lightsaber models, each color of blade has it's own unique hilt, with Crazy34's new 3-D lightsaber blade models. This time I removed my old hilt for the yellow bladed saber and changed it to a model I made years ago for SotOR (K1) and made it into a double bladed version as well. 
I can't say enough about Crazy34's new blade model and textures (which I tweaked to my own preferences), his work has really changed the game on these and it's something a lot of us have been wanting for many years. Kudos to him for all his hard work, I might not have done all this if it weren't for him. They will be enjoyed for years to come.

To install run the .exe and choose the location of the game (not the override itself).
To uninstall take them all back out.

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Try opening up the swkotor2.ini in the main folder and under graphics options make "DisableVertexBufferEffects=1" have spaces between words. Save, close and fire it back up.

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Hello... does this just change the light saber hilts or the saber as well? because with steam updates saber beams are already upscaled

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Both. Pretty sure steam didn't mess with the blades. Textures? Sure.

Adding new blade model with ambient lighting? No.

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