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Author : RedHawke 05/05/05 V1.0

The Exile's General Uniform Pack

These are a package of custom Uniform Tunics I created for KOTOR I and converted them to TSL, I listed the robes below so if you liked the K1 robe texture you can now have them for K2, they are strictly for the Exile (PC). These new General uniforms can be found in game normally on Telos or gotten by using the 'giveitem' cheat with the cheat console, the giveitem codes are listed at the bottom of the readme.  

The uniforms replace the normal clothing model for the PC, and the uniforms are all upgradeable and have a defense of 2, a little better than the mining uniform.

These Exile Uniforms use the K1 robe/tunic model that came with TSL, and are available for both Male and Female PC's, to remove the gloves and make them strictly for the PC I had to do an appearance.2da edit, but I provided an appearance.2da that is compatable with Prime's Jedi Movie Robes Mod.

Installation Instructions:

run tslpatcher.

Uninstallation Instructions:
Simply delete these files from your override directory.

This Item Package Contains: 
Note: Use of the term "<FullName>" indicates the item will have your PC's name on them.

<FullName> Guardian Uniform (Blue, Black), 2 Def, Upgradeable (Uses the K1 Jedi General Robe Blue Texture)

<FullName> Sentinel Uniform (Yellow, Black), 2 Def, Upgradeable (Uses the K1 Jedi General Robe Yellow Texture)

<FullName> Consular Uniform (Green, Black), 2 Def, Upgradeable (Uses the K1 Jedi General Robe Green Texture)

<FullName> Crimson Uniform (Red, Black), 2 Def, Upgradeable (Uses the K1 Jedi General Robe Red Texture)

<FullName> Black Uniform (Black, Gray, Red), 2 Def, Upgradeable (Uses the K1 Make Carth a Jedi Onasi Robe Texture)

<FullName> Gray Uniform (Gray, Black), 2 Def, Upgradeable (Uses the K1 Sith Uniform Robe Gray Texture)

<FullName> Dark Uniform (Black, Gray), 2 Def, Upgradeable (Uses the K1 Sith Uniform Robe Black Texture)

<FullName> Bladesinger Uniform (Black, Ayala Secura Style), 2 Def, +5 Persuade, Upgradeable, Female Exile's only will recieve and can wear.

You will recieve the Class Uniform Robe appropriate to your class, as shown on the character creation screen, when you are arrested by Lt. Grenn on Telos, and the others uniforms will be waiting for you when you get your confiscated items back. So you can wear the style of your choice after that point.

Also note, if you don normal default texture variant 1 g_a_clothes01 clothing you will get the blue texture, but if you put on the texture variant 2 g_a_clothes02 you will get the yellow texture, and the texture variant 3 g_a_clothes03 clothing you will get the green texture.

Giveitem Item Cheat Console Codes:
rh_uniform01 - <FullName> Guardian Uniform 
rh_uniform02 - <FullName> Sentinel Uniform 
rh_uniform03 - <FullName> Consular Uniform 
rh_uniform04 - <FullName> Crimson Uniform 
rh_uniform05 - <FullName> Black Uniform 
rh_uniform06 - <FullName> Gray Uniform 
rh_uniform07 - <FullName> Dark Uniform
rh_uniformas - <FullName> Bladesinger Uniform
g_a_clothes01 - Normal game clothing that will display the Blue Texture
g_a_clothes02 - Normal game clothing that will display the Yellow Texture
g_a_clothes03 - Normal game clothing that will display the Green Texture

A boatload of thanks to Fred Tetra for creating the awesome and simple to use kotor editing tool. 

To stoffe -mkb- for his life saving decompiling skills.

To Prime for his Jedi Movie Robes mod which inspired me to convert some of my own K1 robes to TSL.

Also a very appreciative thanks to the many friendly and informative people at the Lucasforums Holowan Laboratories board who have shown and or helped me to learn how to do stuff like this.

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