Redhawke's Bastila Clothes for PC 1.0.0

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About This File

Author : RedHawke 10/08/04 Version 1.0

This is a really simple mod adjustment to make the Female PC's able to wear Bastila's style of clothing, there is one default texture for each class, though all three textures are available to the 3 classes. The default Soldier gets the unused (Darker Brown Cloth) Bastila Texture, the default Scout gets the standard (Tan Cloth) Bastila Texture, and the default Scoundrel gets a New (Red Cloth) Bastila Texture. :)

This mod is also fully compatable with all of My Mods. And this mod should be compatable with just about everyone else's mods as well, except those that alter the Female PC's clothing or clothing models.

And you don't have to edit any appearance.2da files for it to work too! :)

A .kmm file is included to use with Cchargin's KMM or KOTOR Mod Manager program.

I hope you all enjoy the Mod!

This Mod Does:
Changes the Female Soldiers Default Clothing to the unused (Darker Brown Cloth) Bastila Clothing. Clothes variant 2 is the New (Red Cloth) Bastila Clothing, Clothes variant 3 is the standard (Tan Cloth) Bastila Clothing.

Changes the Female Scouts Default Clothing to the standard (Tan Cloth) Bastila Clothing. Clothes variant 2 is the unused (Darker Brown Cloth) Bastila Clothing, Clothes variant 3 is the New (Red Cloth) Bastila Clothing.

Changes the Female Scoundrels Default Clothing to a New (Red Cloth) Bastila Clothing. Clothes variant 2 is the standard (Tan Cloth) Bastila Clothing, Clothes variant 3 is the unused (Darker Brown Cloth) Bastila Clothing.

The 3 clothes variants as well as some New Upgradeable Armored Clothing also in the 3 Clothes Color variants can be found in the Taris Apartment Footlocker after you use the Workbench the First time. So you can use whichever texture on whichever Female PC you want. ;)

I also added in a Clothing and Armored Clothing using variant 4 and variant 5 in case you want to do add svösh's good/evil Bastila's Clothing to your PC, if you don't they should appear as the default Bastila clothes texture according to your class if you wear them as listed above.

Installation Instructions:
Just extract these files to your KOTOR override, or activate it with KMM. 

No appearance.2da editing necissary so no 2da file conflicts. :)

Uninstallation Instructions:
Simply delete these files from your override directory, or Deactivate it with KMM.

Adding in svösh's Good/Evil Bastila Clothes:
If you know a little about modding KOTOR, copying files, and using KT to edit appearance.2da you could now use svösh's awesome Good/Evil Bastila Clothes on your Female PC. 

1) First step is by copying the 2 good/evil textures svösh made P_BastilaBB02.tga and P_BastilaBB03.tga, 3 times each. 

2) Second step, is renaming the three copies of the Good Bastila texture P_BastilaBB02.tga to PFBBL04.tga and PFBBM04.tga and PFBBS04.tga, this has now added the Good Bastila texture in as the fourth clothing variant, 

3) Third step, is then to rename the three copies of the Evil Bastila texture P_BastilaBB03.tga to PFBBL05.tga and PFBBM05.tga and PFBBS05.tga, this has now added the Evil Bastila texture in as the fifth clothing variant. 

4) Fourth step, you will have to edit appearance.2da or else the metallic parts won't shine and will be see through, open up your override's appearance.2da and change all of the female PC lines 91-135, you want to change only the envmap cell to "CM_Baremetal", without quotes in all of the Female PC lines 91-135. Click on a line you didn't edit, and save the appearance.2da to your override.

5) Fifth step, is to copy the 6 .tga files to your KOTOR override.

6) Sixth step, is to go back into the game, and put on the Armored Clothes IV or Armored Clothes V and svösh's Good/Evil Bastila's Clothes chould be yours to wear. ;^) You could also put on the clothing variant 4 and clothing variant 5 you get in the Taris Footlocker as well, that's why I included them. :)

New Item Cheat Codes:
g3_a_clothes01 - Armored Clothing I (Uses Default Texture)
g3_a_clothes02 - Armored Clothing II (Uses Second Texture)
g3_a_clothes03 - Armored Clothing III (Uses Third Texture)
g3_a_clothes04 - Armored Clothing IV (Uses Fourth Texture, If Present)
g3_a_clothes05 - Armored Clothing V (Uses Fifth Texture, If Present)

A boatload of thanks to Fred Tetra for creating the awesome and simple to use kotor editing tool.

And Thanks to Cchargin for the cool Kotor Mod Manager, KMM Program!

Also a very appreciative nod to the many friendly and informative people at the Lucasforums Holowan Laboratories board who have shown and or helped me to learn how to do stuff like this.

And have fun with the new Female Bastila style PC clothing! ;^)

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