Female Armour Collar Fix 1.0.0

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This mod edits the models for the the female Class 7 (PFBF) and Class 9 (PFBH) armours. Along with Class 8 (PFBG), these three armours all feature a fabric collar. However, in the case of the F and H models this collar lacks any weighting to the neck bone, and due to its shape and height is prone to experiencing clipping of the neck with some head models. As the G armour apparently doesn't appear to suffer these issues, the collar from this armour (with some adjustment) was grafted onto the F/H bodies. The amount of clipping is somewhat variable depending on the head. It also seems far more prevalent on the small body size, but I have provided fixed models for all three body sizes.


  • The UVs of the armours are unchanged, so they are still fully compatible with all vanilla textures and any retexture mods that stick to that layout
  • Obviously the mod will not be compatible with any other mod that replaces the same models


  • This is intended as a half enduser mod, half modder's resource. People are free to include this content as part of other mods as long as credit is given.


  • Thanks to @ebmar for making me aware of the issue via a screenshot for his Janice Nall mod
  • Thanks to @bead-v for MDLEdit and KOTORMax
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· Edited by ebmar


What an ungratefuI sentient I am for including this excellent fix to the [soon to be updated] released mods without reviewing the source in the first place!


Undisputedly one of the [if not the] best fix release in the past few months!

Being the essential part of my mods particularly on their appearance; this mod do the things that was for me is impossible- thought the collar issue stays untouched and I personally accepting it as-is, lol.

Thank you for releasing this fantastic fix and generously set it as a half enduser mod - half modder's resource. These fixes will be very helpful in the long run for end-users and modders around! :cheers:

All said and done -

Permanent spot in the mod list has been filled.

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