Wookiee Warblade and Hanharr fix for TSL 1.0.0

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 Copy the g_w_warblade001.uti file and select the files:




 from the proposed options

 in the override folder.



 This modification returns the Wookieblade blade from the first part of the game.  In the original, it is rather weak, and besides it cannot be modified.  I corrected this by increasing the parameters of the blade and added the possibility of modifying it, after which the blade will become a terrible weapon.

 To get it is simple: for supporters of the light side, you must kill Hanharr and pick up his inventory.

 I also added the following to his inventory:

 1. 3000 credits.  Did it seem to you that this Wookiee is too poor for a bounty hunter?  After all, killing enemies for free, even if you are such a crazy Wookie, who only needs to kill, looks very implausible.  We remember that Hanharr works for Vogga Hatt, who generously pays for the work, and it’s unreasonable to refuse to take money before such a boss.  Now Mira will have the motivation to eliminate this Wookiee.

 2. War sword wookiee.

 3. Sword of Freyyr.  It is not clear how Wookiee got it.  But the developers put this original sword for a reason, it makes sense.  Now it can be found much faster.  For those who pass Nar Shaddaa first this sword and the rest of the Hanharr inventory will be a good gift.  If Bao-Dur is not yet a Jedi or a Sith or he does not have lightsaber, then this sword will be useful to him in battle.

 4. Ryyk blade.  It is not clear where these swords disappear after the murder of Wookiee, because if we take him as a friend we will have them in our inventory.  Now it is fixed.

 5.Bowcaster.  What kind of Wookiee travels without this rifle?  That's right, just crazy.  And yet this is not the end.  Now Wookiee will own his native weapon.

 6.D-Package.  It is strange why it is not available to us, because if we are on the dark side, then we get it.


 For supporters of the dark side, it’s enough to take Hanharr as companions.  He will have the same inventory as if he were killed, not only mines and 3000 credits.


 I added two options for carrying a Hanharr weapon -

 1. NOT EQUIPPED, is in inventory.  Wookiee will be equipped in standard blades, and the Wookiee sword will be in his inventory.

 2. Equipped with a Wookiee sword (blades in inventory).  Hanharr will immediately carry the Wookie's sword, and the standard blades will lie in his inventory.


 The characteristics of a Wookiee sword are average compared to other weapons.  Characteristic is in the screenshots.  But if you upgrade it, you can turn this sword into a formidable weapon!



 Do not use this modification in any form without my permission.




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I love what's done with the Warblade and have it on Canderous much of the time as his main weapon (he becomes the god of death with it). However, I find the options to have this equipped on Hanharr bugs him at the moment he meets with Mira on Malachor V; his animations don't work, and he can be killed quickly and before the dialog options appear and the game bugs so you can't progress. Without them, it goes back to his default and you can play again.

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