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Author: ndix UR
Release: July 2020
Version: 3.0.1

Convert TGA images to TPC format for use in KotOR and TSL.

TPC files contain the information from a TXI file (so the TXI file is no longer needed when a TPC file is used), and can be uncompressed or compressed with either DXT1 or DXT5.

Advanced features like animation and cubemap layering are initiated by the presence of specific TXI directives like cube 1 and proceduretype cycle.

For some reason, the game really wants normal maps to be in TPC format. This will let you create and use full 32-bit color normal maps without having to make them into simple height maps by using indexed color.

The tool is free, open source, and cross-platform. Code is available at https://github.com/ndixUR/tga2tpc

The app is written in javascript, built on Electron using three.js, jquery, bootstrap.


How do I set it up?
Windows: unzip the package, run tga2tpc.exe

Mac: unzip the package, move tga2tpc.app to /Applications, run it
* This is not a signed application, so you have to do whatever is required to run non-MAS applications on your MacOS version.


How do I use it?
Drag files in and hit start. There shouldn't be much more to it than that. Using square and/or power of 2 sized textures is a good idea (sometimes required), TXI information is optional, and the settings are pretty much self-explanatory. The nature of TPC alpha blending is not necessarily intuitive so you may need to seek information to use it properly.

How Automatic encoding mode selects encoding for each texture in the queue:

  • 24bpp TGA = DXT1
  • 32bpp TGA = DXT5
  • 8bpp TGA = 8bpp uncompressed
  • isbumpmap1 or compresstexture 0 in TXI data = 24 or 32bpp uncompressed



  • Create cubemaps
  • Create animated textures
  • Automatic compression selection based on trends from the vanilla game
  • DXT1/5 Compression available (requires 2^n texture size)
  • Horizontal/Vertical flip, for those pesky wrongly oriented TGA files
  • Bicubic downsampling for mipmaps (precomputed lower detail versions of the texture, part of the TPC format)
  • Control texture alpha blending setting (part of TPC format), can be loaded from TXI file comments of the form: "# alphablending 0.67"

Known Issues

  • Cannot create uncompressed animated textures.
  • Using 4:1 and wider size ratios for individual frames of animated textures seem to crash the game. 2:1 is fine, 1:4 is fine, etc.
  • Only for converting from TGA to TPC. For TPC to TGA, use Kotor Tool, xoreos-tools, tpcview, etc.
  • Progress bar doesn't update as often as you might want.
  • The package size is large. This is the cost of easy cross-platform GUI support. All electron applications are large like this.
  • You are likely to have problems trying to read TGAs from folders containing markup entities/encoded characters (like ')


DarthParametric for inciting the creation of this tool, and doing the testing.
DrMcCoy and all the contributors to xoreos, whose TPC decoding implementation provided the basis for the TPC library herein.
bead-v for moral support.

What's New in Version 3.0.1   See changelog


  • Additional information on each conversion, including the format used and whether the texture embedded TXI information
  • Ability to warn user when invalid image size prevents Automatic mode from using correct encoding
  • Fixed a visual defect in smaller detail level mipmaps, replacing the basic (non-bicubic) interpolation mode to be bilinear, matching the vanilla TPCs
  • Fixed the bicubic interpolation centering and edge cases
  • Fixed an issue causing cubemaps to have wrong mipmap count
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[Updated: January 16, 2020]

The 2.0 version is simply amazing! Now it can export the animated-textures that uses multiple rows setup, such as numx 4 numy 4, whilst the former chokes on it and only works with single line animation such as numx 16 numy 1. Other than that, I do also think the updated version runs much faster than its predecessor. Hard to tell a difference of the end-result but I think the quality of the exported goods is much pleasing to the eye now.

TL;DR - a must haves to improve your game/mod's QoL! :cheers:

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