Blog #88 - What mods do you use for Tatooine?

Sith Holocron


This post is part of a continuing series I've been doing for Darth Varkor's next movie.   He mention that other than using Xarwarz's skins for Dantooine, that he was pretty open to suggestions. The next area we'll be talking about possibly improving is Tatooine!

When you set up your ideal Tatooine, what mods you do use?  Please list the mods that you use below for both the interiors, skyboxes, and the exteriors of this planet.  You can mix and match here so if there's parts that you like from one set of skins and you substitute a few of them from another mod, let us know which you use.  (You can let us know why you do so as well!)

In addition to skins, let us know if there are other Tatooine mods you use - fixes and other things - that you also use. For these, I'd definitely like to hear your rationale for using these.  Go ahead and point out any model fixes if there are any.

Finally, please add pictures to illustrate your points.  Don't attach a link to make us see it on another page though.  Have an IMGUR link (or something similar) or put it right in the post.

If you have questions, feel free to ask.

By the way, I'm still looking for feedback on the M4-78 EP.  If you would rather do that anonymously, PM me.

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When you set up your ideal Tatooine, what mods you do use?

With my past modded-playthrough [currently I'm running an 80% vanilla texture PT particularly with Tatooine's decorations], I have been using the fan favorite's- multiple's "Old Republic Skin Overhaul - Tatooine v1.0" for both the interior and the exterior of this [the way I see it] amazing planet.

Apologize that for now I can't provide an actual in-game screenshots from my end, as I don't have the mod installed currently but I have some which I have grabbed from the host:




Images are hosted here

  • For the skyboxes; I can't think of anything more fitting than Kexikus's "High Quality Skyboxes". Pure sheer quality
  • For content related stuff you just can't miss VarsityPuppet's "Helena Shan Improvement", or you'll just ends-up mistaken her with another lady in the bar

I think that's all I can think of regarding Tatooine's essential contents for now. 🤔

Hoping more references are coming your way! :cheers:

Edit: I'll let you know with an update if I manage to found some other stuffs on the way.

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On 10/16/2018 at 5:07 PM, HK-47 said:

I also use Tatooine OTE


I also use Tatooine OTE but since Sith Holocron specifically asked for pics of the mod I'll add them here.



May I recommend you at least include the ground textures from this mod as it grants that extra realism of NPCs walking around Tatooine.


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