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Detailed information of 2da files

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Posted 12 October 2016 - 05:58 PM

.2da files are a very common and important file type in both KotOR games and are also very common to be edited in mods. That's why this tutorial aims to bring you a list with detailed explanations on what they do.


You can find all .2da files in the 2da.bif file, where they can be accessed using KotOR Tool. KotOR Tool also provides a 2da-editor to modify them as you want.

Basically, .2da files are 2d arrays or put simply: tables, just like you know them from programs like Excel. The one difference here would be that in a .2da file, each column has a specific and pre-defined (hardcoded) function. Each .2da file collects a set of "objects" that differ in details. Thus every column in the .2da file represents a certain characteristic of such an object while each row represents one specific instance of this type of object. As a simple example, you could have a file called trees.2da that contains information on different types of trees. The columns would then include details like height, age, etc and every row would stand for one tree species with details entered in each entry of this row.

This tutorial will consist of two parts: First a (currently incomplete) list of all .2da files used in both games with detailed information on what they do and what each column stands for. The second part will be a list of .2da files that exist in KotOR but that aren't actually used since they're only remnants from Never Winter Nights (an older game by Bioware based on the same engine). This second part is only for reference, so that you know these files are useless.

Now, this tutorial is currently far from being complete. There are many .2da files that are still missing and even for those that are already listed there may be missing information or maybe even incorrect information. If you notice a mistake or know things that are still missing, please post them to this thread so that I can add them to improve on this ressource. Thank you very much :D

A big thanks already goes to Fair Strides, who provided most of the information currently listed. Thank you!

Used .2da files

In this section I will (eventually) list all .2da files used by both KotOR and its sequel TSL. Most of these appear in both games and are identical or have only very minor differences. Those are marked with (K1/TSL) after their names and possible differences will be explained in the proper place. Some .2da files however differ on a bigger scale between the two games or exist only in one of them. Those are then marked by either (K1) or (TSL) depending on which game they are from.

Each listed file has a short introduction that describes what these files are used for, followed by a list of their columns with descriptions.
If there is no description for a certain column, then that's just because I don't know what it does, while descriptions written in red are unconfirmed and might be wrong.
And as a final note: When you open a .2da file in KotOR Tool, you will notice the first column labeled (Row Label). This column exists in every .2da file and labels the rows numerically from 0 upwards. This label can then be used by other .2da files to reference specific lines from this file. But since this column is the same in every .2da file, I won't list it everytime.
And here we go:

acbonus.2da (K1/TSL)


aiscripts.2da (K1/TSL)


aliensound.2da (K1/TSL)



ambientmusic.2da (K1/TSL)



ambientsound.2da (K1/TSL)



ammunitiontypes.2da (K1/TSL)



animations.2da (K1/TSL)



appearance.2da (K1)



appearance.2da (TSL)



appearancesndset.2da (K1/TSL)



baseitems.2da (K1/TSL)



bindablekeys.2da (K1/TSL)



bodybag.2da (K1/TSL)



camerastyle.2da (K1/TSL)



chemicalcreate.2da (TSL)



classes.2da (K1/TSL)



comptypes.2da (K1/TSL)



footstepsounds.2da (K1/TSL)



globalcat.2da (K1/TSL)



heads.2da (K1/TSL)



itemcreate.2da & itemcreatemira.2da (TSL)



portraits.2da (K1/TSL)



regeneration.2da (K1)



subrace.2da (K1/TSL)



upcrystals.2da (K1/TSL)



videoeffects.2da (K1/TSL)



Unused .2da files

This section will simply list files that are not used by the KotOR games. Many of these only exist in the KotOR 1 files and were removed for TSL.

  • actions.2da
  • areaeffects.2da
  • caarmorclass.2da
  • capart.2da
  • categories.2da
  • catype.2da
  • chargenclothes.2da





#2 Fair Strides

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Posted 17 October 2016 - 10:32 PM

Besides a battle with the formatting engine, I'm glad we got the information up there... :)

(By the way, if you ever want to ask about one of the quotes, feel free to send me a PM)


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Posted 30 October 2016 - 01:59 PM

Nice one.
Haven't fully digged into everything but just mentioning that alienvo.2da is definitely easier to find alien VO in TSL, aside from the added benefit of being actually used ingame.

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