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  • Submitted: Apr 07 2015 11:57 PM
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Download Scoundrel Trousers 1.0

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clothing texture mesh improvement

It is a truth universally yadda yadda: the lady Scoundrel's starting gear looks uncomfortable. Put bluntly, F!Scoundrel has a stupendous wedgie. Her butt crack is alarmingly defined through her leggings AND underwear--which should not be happening unless those leggings are, like, industrial-vacuum-sealed. Which would be painful. And impractical. And also painful. Overall, not conducive to running around an exploding starship while fighting Sith troopers.

So I fixed it. I gave the female Scoundrel basic clothing a bit of a tune-up, making the butt crack less egregious and tweaking the texture to match.

May these new and improved trousers bear your Scoundrels to a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing victory!

Effusive burbling gratitude to forgetcanon, for extracting those pesky .mdl and .mdx files and for being a source of endless support and patience during my first foray into modding.



Bless you. Bless you.

Knew there was a reason why I never picked the fem scoundrel. It's gone now.

I lol'd at the description. Downloading now.

Ooh very nice! I have to say, this isn't something I thought of! I officially need this now. 

The texture conflicts with another mod, probably K1R. They decided to remove the fold lines on the back and arms of the jacket. And rightfully so, because leather isn't ironed, right?

If anyone's interested, I combined both textures so you'll won't have to choose. Find it here.

Ohh, butt wedgies be gone! Very happy to have found this mod, thanks a lot.

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