Immersive AI Voice Acted "Make Mission a Jedi" mod

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36 minutes ago, EpicStoffer said:

reasonable timeline

I guess it all depends on how you define reasonable. I've dreamt about the ability for mods to perfectly replicate the original VO since before KOTOR even released, so to me another year or two after already waiting a quarter of a century for it doesn't make much difference.

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Request 1:
If anyone feels like providing feedback to some of the written dialogue I've done for various triggers, do let me know. Currently it's only myself working on the written dialogue, and I'd personally love to have another pair of eyes on some of the stuff that I'm writing, to potentially make it even better. :)

Request 2:
On the off chance that someone is able and willing to create a new lightsaber hilt, that's compatible with the upgrade to lightsabers from This Mod, I do think it would be amazing if Mission could gain a unique lightsaber.
Currently Mission only has a unique robe, and I think having a unique lightsaber as well, would help make it more interesting, and visually pleasing to turn Mission into a Jedi. The only real requirement, would be for it to roughly match the colour scheme used in her robe


Progress update:

Thanks to Skpy, I've now gotten most/all the audio needed for my triggers on Kashyyk and Dantoine, and have created the DLG and trigger for one of them, and going to create the .dlg and trigger for Kashyyk in one of the upcoming days. This means that for the triggers aspect of the mod to be completed, I still need to cover the triggers I want to setup on the remaining planets (excluding Taris). Thankfully I've already written out a rough draft for most dialogue, and figured out where to place the majority of the triggers conceptually.

When the trigger implementation on all planets is finally finished, the plan is to look at Lehon, and attempt to see if I can let a DS turned Mission join a DS Revan, and add a bit of more content where she'd normally be absent from the game on a DS playthrough.

Once I manage to complete the remaining parts described above, that should mark the conclusion of the WIP aspect of the mod, and have it enter into its release stage.

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