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MOD:High Quality Aliens: Rodians

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High Quality Aliens: Rodians


This mod is the second entry in my modding series attempting to replace KoTOR's alien models with high quality ones created from scratch. It effectively replaces the old Rodian 3d model with a custom one, along with its 5 texture variations.

You may follow the development of this series here. Please note that this series is a work in progress and creating such characters takes a lot of time.


Any mod altering the model or textures of the vanilla K1 Rodians will be incompatible with this one.

A compatibility patch for DP's Jedi Diversity on the Star Forge mod has been added.

K1R compatibility has not been tested and therefore cannot be guaranteed.


None (yet ;)).


Download and extract the contents of 'HQA' somewhere on your PC. Navigate to the extracted 'HQA Rodian' folder and run TSLPatcher.exe. Let the installer do its magic but give it a hand if it can't find its way into your KOTOR game folder by its own.

If you also use DP's Jedi Diversity on the Star Forge mod, download and extract the contents of 'Jedi_Diversity_on_the_Star_Forge_Rodian_Compatibility_Patch.7z' into your Override folder. Click 'Yes' to overwrite files when prompted.


bead-v: KOTORMAX and MDLEdit
stoffe & Fair Strides: TSLPatcher
seedhartha: KotorBlender
SithSpecter: High quality blasters (used for the thumbnail render)
Philip Trautmann: Thumbnail font (Prequel)
Darthparametric: For creating a compatibility patch for his Jedi Diversity on the Star Forge mod.


@Marius Fett For the unlimited supply of feedback provided and testing the models in-game.

@DarthParametric For providing much needed constructive criticism and advice, as always, and for creating a compatibility for one of his mods (see above).


Anyone is allowed to re-use the assets of this mod, including those contained in the modder's resources archive (coming soon), in any way or form they would like for their own modding objectives. I only ask to be properly credited for the assets used.
However, I explicitly and strictly forbid anyone to directly re-upload this mod or any of its contents to any other site than Deadlystream.

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