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Unofficial K1CP Tweak Pack

A Mod for Star Wars Knights of The Old Republic
Author: N-DReW25
1.0.0 Release Date: 14.05.2022
1.3.0 Release Date: 28.01.2023

This mod requires the Kotor 1 Community Patch to be installed FIRST before ANY other mod:

Alongside the "Readme.txt" file will be the following folders:

"Override Mods"
"TSLPatcher Mods"

* To install Override Mods, open the Override Mods folder and select which mod you'd like to install and simply copy the files within the mod folder into your swkotor "Override" folder.
* To install TSLPatcher Mods, simply click on the TSLPatcher.exe, select your option, click install and sit back and watch the TSLPatcher do its magic (Do note: This mod, as of version 1.0.0, only has a single TSLPatcher mod). 

9 years ago, Pavijan357 released their Unofficial TSLRCM Tweak Pack. That mod changed numerous aspects of TSLRCM based on Pavijan's personal tastes including, but not limited to, the removal of Kaevee or the restoration of Saedhe's original generic head.

This mod uses that concept and applies it to the K1 Community Patch where I change, revamp or remove certain features of the K1 Community Patch based on my own personal opinion on that particular feature.



Override Mods:


1) TSL Twi'lek Undo:
As part of the K1CP's efforts to diversify the various NPCs in the game, the K1CP devs ported some Twi'lek heads from TSL over to K1. 
Currently, this feature only removes the TSL Twi'lek heads seen in Zax's bounty office, any future updates which adds NPCs using TSL Twi'lek heads
will be added to this mod (And any TSL Twi'lek heads I find in the current K1CP which I am currently unaware of).

In the vanilla game, Zax's bounty office has 3 bounty hunters: a green Twi'lek in green clothing, a green Twi'lek in brown clothing and a Rodian. All of these NPCs are intended to have weapons equipped but lack the feats to actually hold them, 
K1CP adds the feats for the bounty hunters to use their weapons and has been left alone in this mod due to it being a legitimate bug fix.

In addition to the bug fix, the K1CP mod changes the green Twi'lek in green clothing to an orange Twi'lek wearing Massassi Ceremional Armor whilst the green Twi'lek in brown clothing is changed to a TSL blue Twi'lek wearing Krath Heavy Armor.

Whilst not really a bug fix, one could justify the addition of armours due to their bounty hunter status... what I can't really justify is the exact choice of armours due to those armours' rarity and Sith origin.

What this mod will do is remove the armours and restore the vanilla green Twi'lek in brown clothing whilst removing the armour for the orange Twi'lek but keeping him orange (As this appearance is technically a restoration).

2) K1 Outcast Clothing Fix
In the vanilla game, the hand texture of the NPC commoner clothing has two parts: the hand itself and the fingers. For most textures, the hand (usually a blueish-green glove) and the fingers are the same colour as the hand (the same colour as the glove). 
However, the Outcast Clothing has a black hand (glove) texture with green fingers. Whilst it's hard to notice in-game if you look closely you CAN see green on the fingers of the Outcast NPCs.

This is a simple fix that will turn the Outcast's fingers black to properly match their gloves.

In addition to this fix, another fix has been made to Gendar in particular. In the vanilla game, the Outcast NPC's use the 512x512 resolution "N_CommM/F07" texture for their clothing whereas Gendar uses the "N_CommMD01" texture for some reason.

The problem with "N_CommMD01" is that it's 256x256 in resolution which is the same quality as the original XBOX. This fix will also replace the "N_CommM/FD01" textures with the default 512x512 textures (With the before mentioned glove/finger fix).

3) Fixed Male 01 Clothing
The default NPC commoner clothing (N_CommM01) is often described as being an ugly 'potato-sack' in K1. For K2, Obsidian fixed this by replacing the potato-sack texture with an updated improved looking texture.

The K1CP developers decided to fix the K1 'potato-sack' with the superior K2 "N_CommM/F01" texture (It should be noted that the K2 texture simply looks better, they are both the exact same 512x512 resolution).

What you might not have known is that both the original K1 'potato-sack' and the superior K2 texture both contain the same graphical error, the Commoner clothing has a section for the hand (a glove) and the fingers. For K1, the glove is blueish green whereas the fingers are beige like the potato sack.
For K2, the glove is brown whilst the fingers are blueish green.

For this reason, this mod has been divided into two options:

Option 1: K1 Comm 01 Clothing
This option will restore the original 'potato-sack' outfit for both male and female Commoner NPCs. The male fingers are now blueish green, thus matching the glove.

Option 2: K2 Male 01 Clothing
This option will simply overwrite K1CP's original K2 texture with the fixed texture (If you want this texture for K2, please check out "N-DReW's Bug Fix Collection for TSL")!

4) Persuade Fixes
The DLGs of Janis Nall, Sith Receptionist and Taris Drunks have player replies which allow the player to perform the "Persuade" option. However, despite the DLG having the possibility of failing the persuade check the persuade conditional is missing.

As a result, the persuade option will always, without fail, be successful even if you have 0 Persuade skill. This mod will restore the persuade conditionals and will make it possible to fail the persuade options.


TSLPatcher Mods:
1) Lite NPCs Restored
In K1CP, the low poly 'Lite' NPCs were removed with the addition of A Future Pilot's K1 Lite Upgrader Mod.

The way Lite Upgrader works is that a Lite appearance is replaced with an NPC with pre-determined clothing with either a generic or player head, this means that instead of seeing the same Lite NPCs you'll instead see the same normal NPCs wearing the same colour clothes with the same player head every single time.

If you're someone like me, you might agree with me when I say that the K1 Lite Upgrader mod isn't necessarily a bug fix but rather an aesthetic mod that isn't 100% faithful to Bioware's original vision for the game.

This mod will not only restore the vanilla Lite NPCs, but it will also provide a bug fix for the "Lite_Commoner_Male_01" appearance who, in the vanilla game, used the texture of "Lite_Commoner_Male_05" instead of the 01 texture variant.

2) Turret Soundset Restoration
In the vanilla game, Turret NPCs either use random droid soundsets, the Brith (flying Dantooine Sting Ray) soundset or no soundset at all.

The K1CP mod fixes the Turrets by removing their soundsets. However, in the game files exists a Turret soundset file with only a single Turret death sound amongst the audio files.

This mod will restore the Turret soundset meaning that, when you kill a Turret, you will now hear a 'death sound' when it is destroyed.

3) Bug Fixes
The bug fixes are bug fixes that are NOT present in the most up to date version of the K1CP mod, these bug fixes include:
* Rodian 01 texture fix
* Calo Nord thug fix (Manaan)
* Endar Spire Sith Soldier HP Fix
* Unarmed Mission Vao in the Undercity Fix
* Undercity Canderous & Undercity Merc Fix
* Gana Lavin Appearance Fix
* Republic Soldier in an Officer's Uniform Fix (Manaan):
* Shasa Challenge Rating Fix
* Rakghoul Serum icon Fix
* Sith Apprentice Soundset Fix

" Tatooine Commoner Head variant for Tatooine NPCs only Fix


Some of the features in this mod might eventually be added in a future update of the K1CP mod, if that happens then this mod will be updated accordingly and will remove the feature which was added to K1CP.

Known Bugs:
This mod shouldn't have bugs but if there is report it on

Report further any incompatibilities to me on

Do NOT claim credit for this mod and do not use assets from this mod without my permission.

Do NOT claim credit for the K1 Community Patch or any of its integrated mods, please consult the K1CP developers for permission to utilize their assets in your own mod.

A Future Pilot: For kickstarting the K1 Community Patch mod!
DarthParametric and JCarter426: For maintaining the K1 Community Patch with ongoing updates!

DarthParametric again: For improving the mod logo on the main download page!
Bioware: For such an amazing game!
Stoffee: For TSLPatcher!
Fred Tetra: For Kotor Tool!
Everyone who downloads the mod!


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36 minutes ago, N-DReW25 said:

the K1 Lite Upgrader mod isn't necessarily a bug fix but rather an aesthetic mod that isn't 100% faithful to Bioware's original vision for the game

It wasn't a stylistic choice, it was a performance optimisation. I very much doubt Bioware's original vision for the game was characters looking like they were taken straight out of the original Tomb Raider.

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5 minutes ago, DarthParametric said:

It wasn't a stylistic choice, it was a performance optimisation. I very much doubt Bioware's original vision for the game was characters looking like there were taken straight out of the original Tomb Raider.

I actually have a handful of pre-release screenshots of the game which shows actual NPCs in the place of Lite NPCs in the final release, so you probably are correct.

The Lite NPC Restoration feature really is just to satisfy my own OCD and for the lovers of the original Tomb Raider.

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Hello, N-DReW25!

I was checking this interesting modification of yours and I wanted to ask you a question. What needed fixing in the Sith Apprentice Soundset?

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