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MOD:Juhani Male Romance

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Juhani Male Romance

A simple mod that goes in and tweaks the character flags for Juhani's dialogue file, her section of the Dantooine Grove dialogue file, and her scipt that allows a male PC to romance her.

She'll still refer to the PC as female since splicing audio is far beyond my capabilities, but I took the time to do this, and as far as I'm aware, the only other file that ever attempted to do this is broken.

Installation is simple and just requires moving the files to the Override folder. The only mods that might conflict would be those that edit Juhani's dialogue, her scripts, or one particular file for Dantooine (though I'm not aware of any mods that also alter this file.) Maybe one day I'll be good enough to make use of the TSLPatcher.

Many thanks to @ebmar and @DarthParametric for answering a couple questions I had that without which this mod would have not been possible.

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If you really want folks to download this, you're probably going to want the relationship open no matter what gender your character is - in case they have more than one character available.  From what I gather, you only removed the conditionals so the dialogue that was originally only for female now available for male. So without an additional branch specifically for each gender, the end-user is going to have to remove the mod every time they make a female character.

As I pointed out in my PM to you, I'm willing to do the splicing for the male entries if you provide to me the file names that the original romanced calls for.  (The ones that need changing the gender from male to female not - say - the lines that refer to Quatra and unrelated lines.)  But you ought to consider opening the mod like I suggested in first part of this missive.

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