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35 minutes ago, HK-47 said:

They're having some of the cast voice their characters. I hope they don't plan to do that for all characters. There are two major problems: Tom Kane is retired as of this month (Sept '21) due to a stroke, and Ed Asner isn't alive. I could believe it if they had Tom do his lines before retiring, assuming he was even able to. But Ed...

Vrook's voice was iconic. Alas thus is the perils of remaking old games. Although I don't see this happening, they could always simply reuse the voice lines from the original if they were that desperate. 

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That's why if anything KotOR-related I'm more excited on introduction of new characters as of now.

Well, some times ago BioWare basically had done that with SWTOR, even better it comes with making the PC "anonymous" as in you can customize them as you want.

Although, I'd be interested to see a new KotOR-themed single-player game with PC customization. But not to gone off-topics, I'm looking to see what Aspyr will do with this remake. It will not be an easy job undertaking this heavy franchise [unless they do lazy-ass this one...] -- will see about that.

Edit: Well BW & Obsidian basically had done that with K1 & TSL, by calling the PC by their nickname [Revan/Exile] instead of real name. I think that's a tradition this series need to keep going forwards.

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