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MOD:Starcrossed: A Unique Shen and Rahasia Mod

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Starcrossed: A Unique Shen and Rahasia Mod


This mod attempts to combat the clone effect in KotOR by giving our two starcrossed lovers unique heads--or at least heads that haven't been used by 5+ NPCs before you've even set foot on Dantooine.

Shen Matale now has a head based on PMHA04, while Rahasia Sandral's takes it's shape from PFHB04. I tried to select the heads based on personality and vibe while keeping the original guidelines.

Nurik and Ahlan have been switched to the alternate Old Commoner models of their respective races, and just for some extra spice, they're all color-coded with clothing.

Casus's body now uses an edited version of the Chewed Human Noble Corpse--as far as I know it isn't used anywhere else in the game, so this mod straight-up replaces it. If it is, just prepare yourself for a dead skeletal body wearing green instead of red.


That's all. Just run the installer. For the changes to fully take effect, it's recommended you load a save prior to landing on Dantooine/completing your Jedi trials.
Then presto, Attichitcuk's your father.


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