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MOD:Random HD UI Elements

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Random HD UI Elements

Random HD UI Elements
by Sdub


Firstly, While using the HD UI Mod, I noticed there was quite a few things in it that were not HD and looked quite awful. One being the planet icons, and two being the party selection screenshot of the character on the right side.

I decided to try and at least do something about this.

For the party selection screen I took screencaps from the the game itself with high resolution textures made by ShiningRedHD's mod on the nexus 

Then proceeded to upscale them, this is the result. 

All characters images are from the waist up as best I could, HK47 was especially tricky.

I did not do  T3M4 as @Dark Hope created one for his HD Astromech Mod that is vastly superior to mine.

I made one creative decision with:


Dark Side Bastila and placed in her a Dark Jedi robe, if there is a demand I'll make one with her default clothes, it just made more sense in my head.

I also attempted to do Trask, it looks awful. But He's there, for some reason his texture does not apply correctly on the stats screen. It is like this even in the default image.

Secondly, I had an idea to make new planet icons, upscaling was not successful, and creating my own looked absolutely awful. So after speaking with @Effix and showing him my trial and errors, it inspired him to create some that he told me to put in this pack with his blessing.

Locate the folder of which you want to install and then place files in override folder.

Delete files that you placed in your override

As long as you are you are using @ndix UR 's High resolution menus I do not see you having any problems. I do not know how it would look without it to be honest.

I made these with 16:9 in mind. I do not know how they will do in other resolutions. Feel free to let me know.

K1R Compatible:    

Tools Used:
MS Paint

Big thanks to the KOTOR Modding Discord

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