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MOD:Taris NPC Overhaul

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Taris NPC Overhaul

Tired of seeing the same five people everywhere on Taris? Struggling to tell the Vulkars and Beks apart? Want your named quest-givers to stand out in a crowd? Then this is your mod.

Uses TSLPatcher to make the following changes:

[Main Mod]

The serving staff now has a uniform more or less: red for Upper City, green for Javyar's Cantina.
(Note: I chose to leave Gerlon in his red clothes with the logic that he's actively trying to blend into the background given that he's, y'know. A scammer.)

Kandon Ark is now orange, and his bodyguard is green.

Zelkor and Gurney both wear green now. Like unofficial Tarisian scrubs.

Davik's Agent uses an alternate Black Commoner model, as does Hudron.

Throughout the Lower City:
Various modifications to the Vulkars and Beks to a) give them a little more gender/species equality and b) to color-code the gangs/alien stock models.
Now when Matrik says you aren't in Hidden Bek colors, it might actually make sense.
Beks: Blue/aqua
Vulkars: Orange/red

(Note: I left Davik's Estate unchanged. Based on Canderous's intro scene, it seems like Davik has an arrangement with the swoop gangs--either officially or on an individual basis. Indentured servitude: the Exchange at its finest.)

In the Undercity:
Hester now uses the Black Female Dirty Commoner model so she's not identical to both vanilla!Shaleena and one of the rakghoul victims.
The Gate Guard Trewin has his name back.
Igear is now Asian, while both of the beggars use different Black Commoner models (because we already have Gurney fullfilling almost the same role and that's just unfairly lazy).

The Republic Soldier is in uniform.

[Unique Heads]

Dia now has a unique head based off PFHA02.

Matrik has Zhar's head and wears Cinnegar Weave Armor.

Holdan now has a unique head based off Dustil's, giving him a scruffy beard as well as a scar from Dia's vibroblade.

Unique heads for Ice, Gerlon, and Marl based off PFHC03, PMHC05, and Gendar respectively, and a unique jumpsuit for Twitch colored to match the combat suits of his fellow duelists.

Rukil has whiter hair, blue eyes, and a few tattoos/brands marking him as an Outcast and believer in the Promised Land.

On the Swoop Track: Phirk gets a teal-colored jumpsuit to make him stand out while still following the Bek color scheme, while Redros has greener skin than his fellow Nikto and Doba has a morph of a regular and lite Rodian.

[Undercity Culture]

Gives all the Undercity commoners tattoos that say "Outcast" in Aurebesh. They aren't too obvious, but they do exist.

[Optional Asian Shaleena]

Gives Shaleena a unique Asian head based primarily on PFHA05.

[Davik's Gamorrean Guest]

Changes Davik's Rodian guest into a Gamorrean. For the lols.



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