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MOD:Redhawke's Exile Items Pack

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Redhawke's Exile Items Pack

Author: Redhawke

These are a package of custom items I created strictly for the Exile (PC). These items can be found in game normally on the Harbringer in your quarters or gotten by using the 'giveitem' cheat with the cheat console, the giveitem codes are listed at the bottom of the readme. A small Warning... Once again these items are powerful, but definately not like the ones I made early on in KOTOR I like the Revan Items were. These Exile items all have attributes within the limitations of the games normal given items, in most cases I simply combined some of the games items properties together to make the new Exile item of that class. I tried not too be outragous, but everyone has a different opinion of what a powerful or outragous item is. Definitely for use on the hardest difficulty settings, and with an eye for any future Hardcore mod.As I said above when you go into your quarters on the Harbringer you will find a new Verpine Klakar X-1000 Portable Vault there, open it up and see... You have the choice of just taking the LS stuff or just the DS stuff or just getting all the stuff at once. Be careful, once you choose to take the items there is no going back.

New In Version 1.1: Altered the Mod to use Stoffe-mkb-'s TSL Patcher Program for complete compatibility. Fixed the give item scripts so that the "Game Freeze" glitch no longer happens.

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