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Cloaked Journeyman Robes


Who said only Sith lords get to wear capes?

In addition to my recent Jedi Journeyman Robes mod, I'm releasing an additional version that includes a cloak. It is fully animated as it relies on Hunter Run's brilliant flowing cape animations for Revan's armor. The cloak only comes for the male model of the robes and I have no intention of working on a female version for the time being.

You'll find two downloadable files: a standalone and an upgrade version.

The first contains the new model with the cloak and all other necessary files.

The upgrade version only contains the new model and textures and is destined to replace the files from my other mod. Only download this if you have my other mod already installed and wish to use this model for the male version.

The robes come in two main variations:
1.    Jedi Journeyman Tunic





2.    Master Jedi Journeyman Tunic




You'll notice that the skinning on this model (a.k.a. how the model "reacts" to the various animations) isn't perfect. This is due to the fact that the Revan armor model has a cape that is much narrower than this one. I have, however, tried to make it look as good as possible. Certain animations, such as the running one as you can see above, still have some clipping going on mostly around the shoulders. Sadly this is the best I could do, but I hope you'll enjoy the final result nevertheless.

The first varation (Jedi Journeyman Tunic) is sold by Dendis Dobo, the honest one of the twin Duros merchants on Telos. The item is added via a script when you ask him to see his wares.
The second variation (Master Jedi Journeyman Tunic) is sold by Daraala, at the scavenger camp on Dantooine. IMPORTANT: The items are added via a script which only fires up the second time you talk to her.

This mod is compatible with (and was only tested using) TSLRCM which I heavily recommend if you still haven't installed it.
This mod will be incompatible with any mod that alters the PMBJ and PFBJ models, as well the .DLG files of the conversations with Dendis Dobo (dendis.dlg) and (daraala.dlg)

This TSLPatcher will modify your appearance.2da to edit the Model J and Tex J columns to solve inconsistensies regarding the textures assignements for the PFBJ and PMBJ models.

First, you have to download Hunter Run's Flowing Cape mod over here:

Extract both N_DarthRevan.mdl and N_DarthRevan.mdx and copy them in your Override Folder.

If you have already installed my other Luke ROTJ Robes mod, only download the upgrade version of this mod. If not, download and proceed to install the standalone version.

For the standalone version, extract the contents of the "Cloaked Journeyman Robes Standalone.rar" archive somewhere on your computer and execute the TSLPatcher.exe file. Le it do its magic, just give it a hand if it can't find its way into your TSL folder by its own.

To uninstall, delete all the files that are included in the "tslpatchdata" folder from your Override folder (excepted for changes.ini and info.rtf which you won't find in your Overide folder).

For the upgrade version, simply extract the contents of the "Cloaked Tunic Mod Replacer.rar" into your Override folder and click yes when prompted about replacing the files.

IMPORTANT: Wearing this robes while training Bao-Dur will crash your game or cause your character to turn invisible. Please download the "BaoFix.rar" file as well and drop its contents into your override folder to fix this issue.

All credits for the original model and textures go to DT85 and Toshi who created it for Jedi Academy.
All credits for the Master Jedi texture variant go to Circa from JKHub

Hunter Run for his flowing cape animations making this mod possible
The creators of KoTORTool, MDLEdit, KoTORMax, KSE, DLGEditor and Kotor Scripting tool


Please DO NOT reupload this anywhere else than Deadlystream without my permission.

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This mod looks amazing! Unfortunately I have been unable to extract the contents of "Cloaked Tunic Mod Standalone.rar". I keep getting notified that the file cannot be opened as an archive. I am using 7-zip. Any idea why this might be the case?

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