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Jorak Uln

Kotor Ray Tracing?

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I'm sure some of you have already heard of Marty McFly's Ray Tracing Reshade.

Basically it emulates the Real Time shaders via Path Tracing. Some old games like Quake or Minecraft have been graphically enhanced with unbelievable results that way.

Point is, Martys shader is only available via patreon, which means I don't Support currently.

Has anyone yet tried out the RT works with the Kotor games?

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Thanks, Malk!

The guide here confirms it too:

Which games are supported by this shader?
Unlike Nvidia's solutions, this shader is not restricted to a limited amount of games.
Any game where Reshade can get depth buffer from is supported."

Now, as we know,  reshade does work with Kotor, however, it would be cool if someone could find out if depth buffer works with it....

As we know, RT graphical enhancements are unbelievable, and could get us the illusion as if Kotor was released on an engine like Frostbite 3 or Unreal 4. Some vids from minecraft & quake:





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KOTOR's (presumably TSL as well) depth buffer is accessible with ReShade. Just have to make sure "RESHADE_DEPTH_INPUT_IS_REVERSED" is set to 0 in the ReShade ini. I don't know how well Marty's shader works with the game though. The built-in MXAO or SSDO shaders work well enough though, so it stands to reason the ray-tracing shader does as well.

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