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  1. Seems all good now, thanks again.
  2. Sorry for bugging you, but this causes a bright spot under Atton's right eye, didn't notice it at first, it's more noticeable depending on lighting I think. I'll take that over a black line in any case.
  3. Hey, that does it. Thanks. The line was real distracting. None of the other characters (that I've noticed) have one, which is why I thought Atton was different for some reason.
  4. The first file might fix it, kind of hard to tell, because something's up with his hair, bits of it are pink. The second file does fix it, though Atton's head is misaligned, and is no longer attached to his body.
  5. I don't think it's the same as the other black line issues. Atton is the only character in TSL with the problem, and the texture clamp setting in GLOverride that fixes the lines in KOTOR doesn't work here. Which makes me think something must be up in regards to his head model, particularly his forehead.
  6. Apologies if this is the wrong place for this, but if what I mention can be fixed, it might be? This may read strange, but Atton has a vertical line going down his forehead, but not his entire face. I don't think this is the black line issue that is fixed by GLOverride, as it does not fix it here and does not run down his face. Futhermore, Atton seems to be the only character in TSL with this problem, no other NPC has a line in their face. The line does disappear if you turn off MSAA and put anisotropic filtering no higher than 4x, so there might be a connection there. The head texture is (probably) not the issue, as retextures do not eliminate it. Which leads me to think there's something up with his head model that causes the problem, perhaps only on certain hardware or graphics settings. I did try poking at it with KOTORmax, but didn't get very far. Could something in his head model be changed to fix the problem? If not the head model, maybe the UV map?
  7. KOTOR's (presumably TSL as well) depth buffer is accessible with ReShade. Just have to make sure "RESHADE_DEPTH_INPUT_IS_REVERSED" is set to 0 in the ReShade ini. I don't know how well Marty's shader works with the game though. The built-in MXAO or SSDO shaders work well enough though, so it stands to reason the ray-tracing shader does as well.