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[Request] ROTJ Luke Saber Pack for K1 and K2

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I've been checking everywhere for this mod, and I haven't been able to find it again.

It was available on Nexus Mods a few months ago, but it was taken down after Gamefront came back online, although I can't find the files on Gamefront either. I checked through both K1 and K2 files on here yesterday, and I can't find it on here either. 

Would anyone happen to have a working link or a copy of the files for the ROTJ Luke Saber Pack for both games? Or possibly their own version of the saber for both Kotors?  

Either one is fine, I just want files/models that will work with both games. Thank you so much!



Disregard please, I found the files. The search option on Filefront wasn't bringing it up with "Saber" or "Lightsaber" when used for the search. I'll post the the link here in case anyone else has to go searching through for this. If anyone has an up-to-date version of this hilt with higher quality textures, I would appreciate it if you would be willing to share it with me. Sorry for the clutter, hopefully this thread can be helpful to someone in the future need be.

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