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Greetings, fellow Jedi! Hope y'all doing fine. :cheers:

On Ahto City there's a beautiful cantina with [supposedly] beautiful scenery there. Unfortunately, they're blocked by an arrogant wall of metal, lol. I pick up the area model which is m26aa_11a and delete the vertex which supposed to be the metal-wall so they looked like this:



But I'm stuck with a platform/structure on the high seas there. They're positioned above the water levels so they have that redundant part that are shown as seen with the first and third images. The structure's texture in talk supposedly LMA_bboard01.

So, what I'm requesting is:

  • Could someone remove the metal-walls similarly like the images above and repositioned the background-structure so the upper part of it rises at the same level as the water. If they want to replace the metal-wall with something like LTS_window that would be greatly appreciated

Any further improvement and/or improvisation as they [the author] see them fit also very much welcome. 😛

Many thanks for considering my request - and may the Force be with you!

Update: in the end - managed to did it myself, hahah. The relevant model is m26aa_set, and the mesh is Box01z. By using KOTORmax we can lowered the bottom part of the mesh to the same level as the sea; note that I used the grid as an indicator for the ground level. The result is far from perfect but I'm personally pleased with it:




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The intended result has been achieved

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