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Rather than keep using the status update section, I figured it was probably time I made a thread for my projects to showcase what I'm working on.


Recruit Script (3.0)

Hopefully, the last revision to this resource. Bringing back the ability to use the string and script parameters in dialog that I deleted in the previous version for some reason. The only breaking change will be the two function's names, which is to help it be more self-explanatory than "RecruitA" and "RecruitB". 😶 I'm also working on a recruit tutorial to accompany it.

Echo of the Force

Not much to show off yet. I plan to start on the first module tomorrow. As a test of the new version of the above mod resource, I managed to get one of the party members into the game. The clothing in the screenshot is not the intended final clothing. It just was convenient to copy Mira's appearance line when setting up her 2da lines.



TSL Heads Port

At the same time, I'm also working on porting the TSL heads into KOTOR I. The main issue I can foresee is that the 4 hispanic heads don't have undergarments for the scoundrel and soldier appearances. But, I'll cross that bridge and figure something out when I get to that.


As part of redesigning my personal website, I'm updating my readme files from my older mods to make them more consistent. I'm also uploading the ones that weren't here previously to make sure they're available.

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