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On 8/2/2018 at 9:05 AM, DarthParametric said:

Arcann's mask cut in half and mirrored makes for a pretty good full face mask. Or if you prefer to get your temple guard on:

TSL_TOR_Ported_Mask_Arcann_Full_01_TH.jp          TSL_TOR_Ported_Mask_Temple_Guard_01_TH.j

Although there are some clipping issues with hair on certain heads, like Hispanic Mullet Man above. Might have to play with that a bit.


Edit: And to replace the Tulak Hord helmet in K1


Generally full helmets don't work too well without being scaled up to ridiculous proportions, but this was already pretty giant to begin with, so it shouldn't be too bad for a decent percentage of player heads.

Hi everyone,

I've just discovered this thread since I'm looking for a 3D model of the jedi temple guardian helmet (swtor version). I would like to attempt 3D print one for a cosplay, like this for example :


Clone wars version are available on web but this version seems to be not so popular.

would the process described below allow me to get a 3D model to export to blender or this kind of stuff ?

sorry for being a newbie in this.😕


On 9/21/2018 at 12:36 PM, JCarter426 said:

XeNTaX is the place to go for the tools. Sorry I don't have direct links as I got most of the tools a few years ago. But I can tell you what you're looking for.

EasyMYP is the equivalent of KOTOR Tool. It'll extract files from the MMO's archives. The majority of the game file names, however, are encrypted. You need to add a hash list that's able to it what to name everything, although even the most recent one won't succeed with everything. It is disappointingly incomplete, particularly for the later expansions. But it does cover a lot.

There are two ways to get models into a modeling program. The first is Noesis, a free model format converter that will be able to convert from GR2 to OBJ or whatever you want. It's not perfect - sometimes it'll flip normals and it doesn't import skin weights at all. But it's pretty good for static meshes. You need a plug-in for it to work with the MMO models. The other method is to use the GR2 import scripts for 3ds Max. One imports the skeleton and the other can import meshes to be placed on the skeleton. If you want to port body models, this is a necessity. It doesn't do animations, though; supposedly, nobody has released anything for that yet.

Jedipedia is a good source for hunting down models. It catalogues item model and material ID numbers. You can search for these IDs in an index to find the specific model and texture files. Generally there is an index for each body part. Since I'm not that familiar with the game as some of you out there, I also find TOR Fashion useful in hunting for items. It sorts items by type and similarity and is generally good at matching an official item name to the visual, which one can then look up on Jedipedia to get the ID numbers.

That should be enough to get you started. If you're trying to port a body model, once you have all the parts in your modeling program you'll have to weight it to a set of KOTOR bones. And for that, it's a matter of time, effort, and whether you're fortunate enough to find something that will make the assets both games cooperate.

We're currently working on some resources to make the porting process easier. Right now I'm working on a BFN rig (female player, normal size) that fits the S_Female03 standard. Theoretically, you can import any MMO model that uses that skeleton and my project puts it into the proper pose and corrects the proportions so it can then be given a skin wrap to match a KOTOR model. My intent is to eventually do one for each skeleton (or each one I want to use) and either get them in a releasable for so anyone with the tools and the inclination can port stuff with them, or allow for some sort of batch porting process by which we import every mesh (surprisingly, there aren't a whole lot of them) and form some sort of archive for them. But it's still early days.


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On 6/12/2020 at 4:05 AM, DarthParametric said:

So the trophy heads in Davik's estate on Taris. They are pretty dire, and I always mused about replacing them at some point. This is the vanilla room:


The heads themselves are just stuck directly on the wall, with no obvious mounting/backing board like you normally see with hunting trophies. In addition, I never understood why they put the weird arch things in there, blocking the view. It's the only room that does that. So I had a look through what TOR had to offer. I couldn't replicate it 100%, since the vanilla heads are Rancor, Dewback, Wraid, Tuk'ata, Ronto, Kataarn, and Iriaz, but TOR doesn't have the last three species. Here's what I came up with:

K1_Davik_Tropy_Room_TOR_Heads_01_TH.jpg     K1_Davik_Tropy_Room_TOR_Heads_04_TH.jpg

K1_Davik_Tropy_Room_TOR_Heads_02_TH.jpg     K1_Davik_Tropy_Room_TOR_Heads_03_TH.jpg

I got rid of the arches and plugged the gaps in the sides with some new lights, while moving the overhead lights up to the ceiling. The substitute heads are a Reek, a Nexu, and a Tauntaun.

And since I know a lot of people don't like the TOR stuff, I also made a version that replaces the original heads with the ones from the regular vanilla creature models. Still low poly and terrible textures, but slightly less garbage than the originals. But they do at least match the same species types:


The heads now match their actual creature size in the game (at least the vanilla species). The original versions were scaled down, the Rancor especially being comically small compared to the description Calo gives of bringing it down (big enough that he was able to perch on its shoulders). Although it is now so big (the size of the one you see in the sewers) that it can't actually fit on the back wall, so I had to come up with some struts to mount it out in free air.

The wall lightmaps might need to be cleaned up, and I'm also not really feeling the mounting/backing boards. It just a chamfered cylinder with a procedural wood texture, since I wanted to keep it simple. I'm not sure what I should do about it. A different material/texture? Maybe more of a shield-type shape?

Nice, that's an HD office

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