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MOD:K1 Lite Upgrader

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K1 Lite Upgrader

Note: An improved version of this is included in the KOTOR Community Patch starting with version 1.8


Throughout KOTOR 1 there are many models that are "lite" versions. Low-poly and low-res textures in order to help older computers. Since most computers can handle it fine now, this mod upgrades all possible lite models to full-res models/textures. (There are a few models that only have "lite" versions, and obviously nothing can be done).

Here's a list of all the models affected by this mod:

All Lite Commoner models (22 in total)
Lite Jawa
Lite Protocol Droid 01
Lite Protocol Droid 02 (No new model, but an upgraded texture)
Lite Rakata 01
Lite Republic Officer Male White
Lite Republic Officer Female White
Lite Selkath 01
Lite Sith Female Officer
Lite Sith Male Officer
Lite Sith Soldier
Lite Swoop Gang 01
Lite Twilek Female
Lite Twilek Male
Lite Wookie Male
Lite Wookie Female


Note: if you're planning to use the Sith Soldier Texture Restoration alternate installation, install this mod first.


Recommended mods:


I give permission to anybody to do whatever they like with this mod, with or without credit (but I mean c'mon...cool internet points, right guys?)


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First of all, congratulations and thanks for creating this modification.

I installed it and I noticed something that perhaps you haven't considered. In the Taris upper cantina, we meet some patrons. One of them has the old male commoner look but his voice is mismatched since it is a young male voice.


I wondered how many such situations we may encounter during the game?


While I do enjoy the head variety of the former Lite NPCs,  I fear the voice not matching the age is a jarring issue. If I am not mistaken, there are 8 Commoner Lite that use one of the "old" heads, while in the original game they are all young.

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